Lists are workhorse elements, frequently used for navigation (example: a list of page anchors) as well as general content. Screen readers only can tell something is a list if it is formatted properly. Just styling a list like adding 1, 2, 3 before a paragraph or a bullet • or asterisk *, may help visual users scan the items in the fake list, but they leave out users that use assistive technology like screen readers, this is an accessibility violation.

Making Bullets and Numbered Lists

Unordered lists or “Bulleted” lists are a list of content, whose order does not matter, like a list of items to pick up at the store. Ordered lists or “Numbered” lists, are a list of content that should follow a logical sequence, like a list of directions to be done in order.

  1. Create your list of items  in the content area.
  2. Select the list of items.
  3. Click the “Bullet list” button or the “Numbered list” button to see all the list style options.
  4. Select the list style you want to use to finish.

All list options: