Key Concepts

  • Use tables for tabular data, and not layout, in all of your work at Purchase College.
  • For the Purchase College website, create tables in the LiveWhale CMS and not another program.
  • Keep tables simple and avoid merged cells.
    • If you need a merged header cell, create it as a header tag outside of the table (see example below).


ADA Tip with Check-mark (orange and yellow)
Avoid the use of tables for on-page design.

Tables should be reserved for tabular data.


Visually impaired individuals expect tabular data with meaning when a table is announced. The use of tables for design creates confusion and is an outdated design concept.

If you need a particular layout for your content and you don’t see a compatible template, please contact Communications and Creative Services for assistance.

Add a Table

  1. Go to the top menu and click on the table icon
  2. Drag cursor for number of rows and columns.
  3. Title the top row.
  4. Add meaningful data to each table cell.
  5. Use the top menu to align data in cells.
  6. If needed, add or remove rows or columns or delete table by returning to the table icon.

Number of Students in XYZ Program (example of table header created outside of table)

Residence Accepted as First Year Student Transfer Student
New York State 250 50
Out of State 60 10
International 6 2

Purchase College strongly encourages content editors to allow the LiveWhale CMS to style tables. In addition to creating ‘accessible tables,’ the LiveWhale CMS also creates tables consistent with the styles set for the Purchase College website.

Avoid Formatting Tabular Data

  • Do not use header tags in cells.
  • Do not use break tags or paragraph tags in cells.
  • Do not apply any special styling to cells.

The Wc3 has additional Tips and Tricks that can be used when creating tables in your other documents.

Images of tables should not be used on the Purchase College website or elsewhere because they create barriers to content for those with disabilities. Pdfs are often ‘inaccessible’ and should be avoided.