Create a page from the navigation interface

Create a page from the navigation interface in LiveWhale on

  1. From the LiveWhale interface, click the “Pages
  2. Click “Add a top-level page or link” or “Add sub-link”. 
  3. Click “create a new page”.
  4. Fill out the form to create a new page.
    • Provide a page title. This is required.
    • You may change the page path
    • Creating new web pages in LiveWhale requires the existence of templates to use as the basis for new page. Under “Choose a template”, select the template you wish to use for your new page.
    • SEO Tip: Set the description and keywords for the page. While these are “optional” fields, think of them as “Required”. These fields help search engines like Google classify and locate your page. 
      • Description: This field is displayed on the Google search results page, and should be a brief, accurate, and enticing  description of the content that visitors will find on this page. 
      • Keywords: This field should contain specific search terms that you want this page to be found by.
  5. Click “Create this page”. The new page will be added to your navigation automatically.

Create a page, independent of navigations

Create a page, independent of navigations in LiveWhale on

  1. From the LiveWhale interface, find the File Browserin Superpowers. (If this superpower is not available, the administrator has not assigned it to you.)
  2. Click on File Browsermenu item. You will see a file system browser allowing you to navigate to the directory in which your new page should live.
  3. Once you’re in the directory where your new page should be, click the Add a new page here (If the button does not exist, an administrator has not assigned page creation permissions to you.)
  4. On the Add Pagescreen, fill out the form to create a new page. Provide all the information noted above and you may additional specify:
    • If you wish to receive a notification when this page is edited, check the box labeled Subscribe to notifications about changes to this page.
    • If you want LiveWhale to periodically send editors a reminder to update this page, check the checkbox labeled Send editors a reminder to update this page. Choose the schedule option to be notified to update this page’s content from the drop-down select (weekly, monthly, yearly). After choosing a schedule option, choose the date to count from (for example, monthly from this Monday), as well as the users who should be notified. You may either choose all editors for this pageto have the notification sent to all editors with access, or choose “an e-mail address” to specify a specific e-mail address to send to.
  5. To save the new page and return to the LiveWhale interface, click Save these changes. If you wish to edit your page right away, click Save and view page.

Note: When creating a new page from a template, relative urls (such as to Javascript, CSS, or images) will be translated to absolute urls in order to work from any location in the directory hierarchy.

Deleting a Page

When viewing the page:

  1. Click “Details” in the tool bar 
  2. Click “Edit page details”, in the drop down 
  3. Click “delete this page” on the right hand side of the “page details” dashboard page