As a part of the interactive process that takes place during this meeting, the ODR may determine that testing accommodations are a necessary and effective accommodation. Testing accommodations are designed to mitigate any barriers that a student with a disability may experience in a test-taking environment/situation and are approved on an individualized, case-by-case basis. Common testing accommodations that ODR may approve for students can include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduced distraction test taking environment
  • Extended time
  • Use of a computer for written responses
  • Reader or text-to-speech program
  • Use of a Calculator
  • Use of a closed-circuit television (CCTV)
  • Screen reading software program
  • Screen magnification software program
  • Tests printed in large font

Test Administration Format Directions

In-Person Exam Accommodation Administration

The Testing Center proctors in-person exams and quizzes for students who are registered with the Office of Disability Resources and have approved testing accommodations.

Student Responsibilities:

Students are responsible for scheduling their test accommodation appointments using the Accommodate online system at least one week prior to when an exam or quiz will take place to ensure that the proper Testing Center space and/or technology will be available. For directions on how to schedule appointments at the Testing Center, please see the Testing Center website and be aware of the Testing Center’s policies and procedures.

Faculty Responsibilities:

When students submit a Testing Accommodation Appointment via Accommodate, The Testing Center will be notified of the request via email. A testing coordinator will then review the appointment to ensure that the specified accommodations are correct and to schedule the space for the designated duration of the exam during the testing hours (Monday – Friday 9:00am – 4:30pm).

Faculty will then be notified via email of the scheduled appointment. Faculty are expected to review the appointment right away and indicate if the exam date, time, and length are accurate. Special attention should be paid to any exam appointment scheduled to take place outside of the regular class period.

Next, faculty should complete the “Faculty Information Required” section to upload the exam, provide any additional instructions, and indicate the preferred exam return method.

For the steps on how to review an exam request, submit exam details, and upload exams, please see the Testing Center’s Faculty Exam Guide.

Remote Exam Accommodation Administration

Faculty Responsibilities:

For exams and quizzes administered via Moodle, faculty are responsible for logging in to Accommodate and reviewing their class roster(s) to determine who has extended time for exams/quizzes in order to adjust the administration time accordingly within Moodle. 

Moodle’s website has a guide on how to provide extended time accommodations on Moodle for students with approved testing accommodations. Once you set up an exam/quiz, go into the exam/quiz and select “User Overrides” from the Admin Menu. Then select the student who needs the extended time accommodation and set the appropriate override. For example, if the time limit for a quiz is 20 minutes for all students, then a student with “Extended Time for Exams 1.5x” should be given a time limit of 30 minutes.

For questions regarding Moodle, please contact the Teaching Learning Technology Center (TLTC)

How to Check Which Accommodations Students Have

Please note: The list of students with accommodations in your class(es) will change as students renew their accommodations or students new to working with ODR are approved for accommodations.

  1. Log in to Accommodate using your Purchase College username and password. The Faculty Accommodate Login page can also be accessed via ‘Faculty And Staff Resources.’ 
  2. Click on the “Courses” tab in the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Click on your course’s name.
  4. Click on “Enrolled Students”.
  5. Scroll through the list of students in your course. Any student(s) with accommodations will have their accommodations listed directly underneath their name(s).

Student Responsibilities:

If you have a timed test or quiz in an online course, students must notify their Professor of their intent to use their accommodations via e-mail two business days in advance of your online test or quiz.


If you are approved to receive text-to-speech as an accommodation for exams, you can use ReadSpeaker, a text-to-speech program that is integrated into Moodle. The controls for ReadSpeaker are located at the top-left corner of every Moodle page. If you experience any technical difficulty with ReadSpeaker, please contact our office immediately for assistance.

Please note that ReadSpeaker is designed to work with all exams and quizzes in Moodle, including those that utilize the Lockdown Browser extension. No other text-to-speech programs will work when Lockdown Browser is active. Read Aloud Extension for Google Chrome can continue to be used to read website text aloud, but it will not read aloud exams and quizzes in Moodle if Lockdown Browser is active.