Types of Note-Taking Assistance may include, without limitation:

  • Use of a laptop or tablet in class
  • Use of a recording device
    • Live Scribe Pen (these pens provide the ability to record a lecture and sync one’s own notes to the audio recording)
    • Note-Taking Apps (e.g. Note Taking Express, AudioNote, Notability, Evernote, etc.)
    • Sonocent Audio Notetaker (software designed to record lectures paired with PowerPoint)
    • Audio recording device (tape recorder, digital audio recorder, etc.)
  • Use of a Peer Note-Taker
    • A peer enrolled in the same class as the student who requires note-taking assistance. The student will receive scanned PDF copies of their note taker’s notes via downloading them from Accommodate – the ODR’s online system.
    • Two Ply Carbon Paper, 2-ply duplicate paper used by a note-taker who is selected by an an Instructor or the the student themselves. This allows a student to receive a hard copy immediately following class.

Students may request note-taking assistance at any time before or during the semester. This includes students authorized to receive a peer note-taker. If use of a peer note-taker is determined to be a necessary and effective auxiliary aid, the service will not be conditional upon the availability of a peer note-taker, or subject to the discretion of faculty to provide notes.

Please note, for students approved for use of peer note-taking, when enrolled in non-lecture based classes (e.g. studios, production, etc.), access to a record of the class will be available through the alternative method of use of a recording device because it is more effective in providing useful information for later use.

If a student is unsure of the optimal type of note taking assistance and needs guidance, the student may schedule an Assistive Technology Consultation meeting with Scott Meshnick, Access Counselor and technology specialist at the ODR.

Students who receive note-taking assistance may contact the ODR to report problems or issues:

Office of Disability Resources
Student Services Building, 3rd Floor #316A
735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, NY 10577