To request adjustments, please refer to the following procedure:

Step 1: Submit your disability-related information and adjustment request online via a Public Accommodation Request. You may also upload and submit any disability documentation via the Public Accommodation Request.

Step 2: Students should provide appropriate documentation to the ODR, which establishes the need for adjustments and relates the current impact of the condition to the requested adjustment(s).

Documentation may be submitted online using the link provided in Step 1 or through the following methods:

No student should delay meeting with the ODR out of concern for not having appropriate documentation.

Step 3: Within 5 business days of submitting your disability-related information via a Public Accommodation Request, you will receive an e-mail from the ODR via your Purchase College e-mail address, which will include contact information for your Access Counselor. The e-mail will include instructions on how to schedule an appointment with your Access Counselor to discuss your adjustment requests.

After meeting with your Access Counselor, you will receive a follow up e-mail regarding the outcome of your requests.

If you have any questions regarding the registration process or encounter difficulties submitting your information online, please contact Jenny Chuni at 914-251-6035 or e-mail us at