What are the Library’s hours?

The Library’s current hours are available on the Hours page.
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Are masks required at the Library?

Yes, Library users must wear a mask at all times, regardless of vaccination status. This is in keeping with CDC and College guidelines about mask-wearing indoors. Masks must cover your nose and mouth. In addition, please maintain a social distance of at least 3 feet from staff and other patrons. 

Wipes and hand sanitizer are provided throughout the Library and hand-washing in highly encouraged as well.

We need your help to protect the Library and keep our doors open!

See the Library’s mask and social distancing policy for full details.

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How can I obtain a Westchester Library System card?

As a Purchase College student or employee, you are eligible for a Westchester Library System card (public library card). A WLS card allows you to borrow materials and access electronic resources including Lynda.com (now LinkedIn Learning), ebooks from Overdrive, and movies from kanopy.com.

To obtain a card, you apply online through Harrison Public Library.

If you have any issues with the online application process, please email us and we will contact the Purchase Free Library for backup.

Both libraries are in the Town of Harrison and both serve our school as crucial partners.

**During the COVID-19 crisis, you may apply for a WLS card through Harrison or Purchase Free Library if your hometown library is closed. The online application takes minutes and you will generally have your card in 1-2 days.

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How do I put materials on physical reserve at the Library for students to access?

For policy details and complete directions on how to place library materials on physical reserve, please see Course Reserves.

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What software is available for remote learning? Does the college provide any free or discounted software?

Purchase College can offer software either for free or at a discounted rate. Please see our Software page for a list of available products.

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Is there wifi (wireless internet) ? How do I access the wifi network? Can guests use wifi?

Yes, there is WiFi (wireless internet) in the Library that both guests and Purchase affiliates can use. Both are managed by CTS.   There are two WiFi networks with the following names:

Please see our Wi-Fi Heat Map for coverage areas in different buildings.

PurchaseWiFi:  Students, faculty, and staff should choose the “PurchaseWiFi” network. The username is your Purchase email username (firstname.lastname WITHOUT the @purchase.edu) and the password is your Purchase email password.  You should only have to enter your username and password once to have access.

PurchaseGuest: Guests and visitors to campus should choose the “PurchaseGuest” network The password changes at least twice a year.  You can ask a library employee at the Circulation or Reference desks for the current password or view the Guest Wifi page.

Note that PurchaseGuest network is limited; it enables you to view webpages and use most apps, but not to use high-bandwidth services like Skype, video streaming, etc. On mobile devices, the guest network may also prevent off-campus email accounts from refreshing (such as Gmail or the Mac OS mail app). To get around this, access your email via a web browser, rather than an app or mail client.

For more info, see the Connecting to Wireless Page.

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How do I make an article from a library database viewable for my off-campus students?

As a faculty member, you are encouraged to link directly to the Library’s subscription databases and online journals, just as you would link to any website or resource on the Internet, from within your Moodle course pages. This is a best practice for a number of reasons. 

  • Accessibility. Many databases offer text-to-speech options and provide stable, searchable, and accessible PDFs 
  • Ensures compliance with copyright
  • Builds research skills by familiarizing students with various databases and interfaces
  • Allows students to take advantage of value-added features such as citation generator, exporting to citation managers, and availability of various file formats.

In order to make resources from the Library’s subscription databases and online journals available to students who may be accessing Moodle from off-campus (remote user access), you must include the EZProxy prefix code in the item’s URL.

The EZProxy prefix code is: http://ezproxy.purchase.edu:2048/login?url=

This bit of code must be placed before the rest of the article’s URL in order to make it available from off-campus. This can be done by following a few simple steps:

  • locate the desired article in our online databases / journals
  • look for the document’s persistent or durable URL, within the context of the item, not in the browser address bar
  • When using ProQuest Direct, for example, click on “Copy Link” to copy the article’s durable URL and then add the EZProxy prefix code before the rest of the URL
  • Copy and paste the EZProxy code into the URL field when adding a new resource “link to a file or website” in Moodle
  • Copy and past the article’s URL so that it appears after the EZProxy code

Example:  http://ezproxy.purchase.edu:2048/login?url=http://proquest.umi.com/pqdweb?did=1625264641&sid=2&Fmt=3&clientId=10792&RQT=309&VName=PQD

To Display a link on the front page of your Moodle course:

  • Make sure that editing is turned on, click the ‘Turn editing on’ button on the upper right side
  • In the section where you want the file to show up, click on the Resources pull-down menu and select the ‘URL’ option
  • Enter into the Name field the text you want to use to describe the link on the front page of your course
  • You must enter a description of the link in the Description area
  • Under the “Content” heading, paste in the item’s External URL. Remember to include the EZProxy prefix code if the item is from the Library’s subscription resources
  • Click the ‘Save and return to course’ button

Remote users will be prompted for Database User Authentication and will login using their username (firstname.lastname - do not include @purchase.edu) and Purchase email password.

Direct link to this FAQ.

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What software is on the computers (PC and Mac) in the Library?

Please visit our computer lab resources page for more information on computers, software, and printers in the campus Library labs.




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How do I add a course librarian to my Moodle course?

Detailed directions for manually adding a course librarian, learning assistant, co-teacher, etc. are available at the TLTC’s Moodle Basics help guide > Adding Users.

Link to this FAQ: How do I add a course librarian to my Moodle course?

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How do I pay a fine at the Library?

All Library fines are paid through Student Accounts. Go to My Heliotrope for further information on paying your bill. The Library no longer accepts payments of any kind at the Library service desks.    

If you have any questions about fines, please speak to a Circulation Supervisor, either in person or by calling (914) 251-6401. 

If you have graduated or no longer have a current More Card, and need to pay an outstanding fine, contact Marsia Riley either by email marsia.riley@purchase.edu or phone (914) 251-6403.

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Who can borrow Library materials?

Current Purchase College students, faculty, and staff who present a valid Purchase College ID card may borrow library materials according to the loan periods specified on the Borrowing & Renewing page.

Due to system limitations and the COVID situation, the following affiliations will not be able to borrow books and materials:

  • Friends of the Library
  • Manhattanville College students and faculty
  • Students and faculty from SUNY institutions
  • Faculty from WALDO (Westchester Academic Library Directors Organization) institutions

Guests, alumni, and community members not affiliated with the above institutions do not have borrowing privileges. Due to COVID, during Fall 2021, use of the Library’s on-site materials is also limited only to current Purchase ID cardholders; guests are not allowed to visit the Library.

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Does the Library have a fax machine?

No, the Purchase College Library does not have a fax machine for public use.

There is a fax machine for public use in the campus Bookstore

Sending a fax within the United States costs $1.00 for the first page and $0.50 for each additional page. Faxing documents to Canada and other countries is more expensive.

If the Bookstore is not open, you may want to try one of the following Internet fax services. (Please note, the Library does not endorse any particular fax service.)

Faxzero.com: Free. You get five free faxes per day, for faxes of three pages or less.  Cannot receive faxes.

Gotfreefax.com: Free. You get two faxes per day, for faxes of three pages or less. You can sign up for a free 30 day trial but must remember to unsubscribe or you will be charged a monthly fee.  Cannot receive faxes.

HelloFax.com: Free. You get up to 5 pages for free. After that, it’s 99 cents per fax for faxes up to 10 pages and 20 cents for every additional page. You can send international faxes. Cannot receive faxes unless you pay for a monthly plan.

Direct link to this FAQ.

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What is ILLiad?

The Interlibrary Loan Internet Accessible Database (ILLiad) is the resource sharing management software used to process all interlibrary requests at Purchase College. The ILLiad system allows users to place requests, track requests, check due dates, request renewals, and view interlibrary borrowing history.

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Where is the TLTC located?

The Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center is located in the Purchase College Library, on the lower level.

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Do I have to submit a paper copy of my Student Project to the Library?

No, you do not have to submit a paper copy of your Student Project (senior project, capstone paper, or master’s thesis) to the Library. All projects are submitted digitally via the Student Project Portal, a new submission system within MyHeliotrope. The process will no longer take place in Moodle. The Library does not require and will not accept paper copies of Student Projects.

Link to this FAQ.

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How do I access my Reader Dashboard in the Student Project submission system?

Readers on Student Projects (senior projects, capstone papers, and master’s theses) can manage project invitations and move quickly between student project spaces in the new MyHeliotrope submission system.

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I cannot print a document that my professor put in Moodle. What should I do?

Sometimes a professor will upload a document file to Moodle in “protected mode” or “protected view.” This makes it harder for unauthorized persons to edit and alter the document. Because editing is disabled, printing a “protected” Microsoft Word document requires an extra step.

To print a Microsoft Word document that is in “protected view,” you must download the file from Moodle and save it on your desktop before you will be able to “enable editing” and print the file.

Instructions (for Microsoft Word on a PC. Word for Mac should behave similarly)

1. In Moodle, click on the title of the document you want to download. A dialog box appears.

2. Click “Save.”  (Do NOT choose “Open,” or you will not be able to print the document.)

3. Choose to save the document to the desktop or a USB flash drive.

4. Wait until the document has finished downloading, then click “Open.”

5. Click “Enable Editing” in the beige-colored bar at the top of the MS Word document.

6. You should now be able to select “Print” from the File Menu or Windows Menu and print as you would any other Word document.

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How do I find a DVD, Blu-Ray, or VHS at the Library?

The DVDs are on the First Floor next to the Reference Area. The Academic Film Collection is to the right of the Reference Desk. The Popular Film Collection begins after the Academic Collection and Blu-Rays and wraps around on the shelves to the left of the Reference Desk. More information about finding films and video at the Library.

Direct link to this FAQ.

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How do I view materials in Special Collections & Archives?

Please see the Special Collections & Archives page for more information.

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Does the Library have popular fiction? Where is the popular reading collection?

Yes, the Library has a popular reading collection! You can browse fiction, nonfiction, leisure reading, and bestsellers on the popular reading shelves located on the first floor, to the right of the Reference Desk when you’re coming down the steps from the Library entrance. Books in the Popular Collection are shelved alphabetically by author’s last name.

You can search for specific books in the popular collection online using the Library Discovery Search . You can find graphic novels in the catalog as well or browse the graphic novel collection, located directly across from the popular reading shelves.

 Direct link to this FAQ.


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Does the Library have graphic novels and comics? Where are they?

Yes, the Library has graphic novels and comic books. They are located on the main floor, just beyond the Reference Desk. For more information is available at the Graphic Novels collection page.

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How do I use Turnitin to check my own drafts for plagiarism?

The Turnitin Self-Checker allows Purchase College students to check rough drafts of papers for plagiarism and proper citation. You can use the similarity report generated by Turnitin to identify paraphrases or citations that need revision before your final draft is due.

The Turnitin Self-Checker is available to all Purchase College students, faculty, and staff (requires current Purchase College login) and is not connected to any particular course or assignment.

Please note: only current Purchase College students, staff, and faculty can access Purchase College’s Turnitin Self-Checker. You must have a current Moodle/email account to login. There is no Guest access available.

Login to Moodle to access the Turnitin Self-Checker and self-enroll into the space.

To upload a paper to the Turnitin Self-Checker, see the Student Submission directions at the Turnitin tab of the Moodle: Beyond Basics guide. 

Direct link to this FAQ: How do I use Turnitin to check my own drafts for plagiarism?

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Where can I find information on senior projects / capstone papers / master’s theses?

Please see the Student Projects guide which includes information about submitting senior projects, capstone papers, and master’s theses. It covers setup of the Moodle Student Project space, the research process, locating senior projects from past years, formatting the project, and final submission steps.

Direct link to this FAQ.

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  • How do I print from my laptop? Is there remote or wireless printing to the library printers?

    You can print remotely from your laptop or your mobile device to library printers!

    Who can use web or mobility printing?

    Anyone with a current Purchase email account and print point allocation from CTS can use the PaperCut Web Print or Mobility system to print from a personal laptop or a personal mobile device. Web and Mobility printing works from on campus, as long as your device is connected to the PurchaseWiFi network.

    There is no wireless printing for visitors unfortunately. Visitors should ask the Reference Librarian about guest printing options.

    Please see the detailed instructions at:

    WebPrint Remote Printing Over PurchaseWiFi.

    Mobility Remote Printing Over PurchaseWifi

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  • Does the library have black and white printers? What about color printers? How much does it cost to print at the library?

    Yes, there is both black and white and color printing in the Library.

    Black and White Printer locations:

    • Two b&w printers in the Reference Area on the main floor (PCs) 

     Color Printer Locations:

    • Two large format color printers in the DMZ on the main floor (PCs and Macs)

    • Note: “large format” color printers are able to print on 11 x 17 paper (Tabloid) as well as 8.5 x 11 (Letter) paper.


    The following campus buildings also have color printing:

    • New Media Lab in Natural Sciences (NSS 1013)

    • Labs in the Visual Arts building

    • Design Technology Labs (Social Sciences)

    • CMFT PC Lab 3031

    There is also an EPSON Stylus Pro 9900 plotter printer and a 3D printer in the CTS Printing Lab (Social Science Building, Room 0025). The plotter prints large scale items, such as posters, in color and costs 600 print points per square foot.

    Costs and Print Allocation

    Each student receives a print allocation at the start of every semester.  All printing costs are automatically deducted from your print quota at the time of printing. Your balance appears as a box on the screen.

    • Printing in black and white costs 5 points per page for one-sided printing, and 2 point discount for double-sided printing.

    • Printing in color costs 35 points per page.

    • Large Paper Surcharge: 11 x 17 (ledger) prints are charged twice the rate of 8.5 x 11 (letter) prints

    For detailed information regarding labs and printers, please see the Computer Labs page.

    For more information about pricing and refunds, see the CTS Print Management webpage.  

    For detailed instructions on how to print in color, please see our Step-by-Step FAQ on how to print in color.


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  • Where can I save my work when using a lab computer?

    Do not save your work to any public lab computers!

    Alternatively, save to your home directory, USB drive, or email it to yourself. 

    Save your work periodically as lab machines will time out after several minutes of inactivity.

    A Home Directory is available.

    Please log off when you have completed your work.

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