Service dogs are permitted in the Library. All other animals are prohibited.

Borrowing Library Materials

Purchase College students, faculty, and staff who present a valid Purchase College ID card may borrow library materials according to the loan periods specified. Visitors with the following affiliations may borrow books and materials from the circulating collection (appropriate identification is required):

  • Friends of the Library
  • Manhattanville College students and faculty
  • Students and faculty from SUNY institutions
  • Faculty from WALDO (Westchester Academic Library Directors Organization) institutions

Guests and community members not affiliated with the above institutions do not have borrowing privileges but are welcome to visit us and use library materials on location.

Bulletin Boards and Flyers

Public notices and announcements may be posted on Library bulletin boards.  Postings must be dated and only one copy per event per bulletin board is allowed.  Library staff members have the right to remove out-dated or un-dated postings as well as any they deem inappropriate.  Notices may not be posted on walls, doors, windows, furniture or other non-sanctioned areas in the Library – they will be removed immediately. Handouts, cards, flyers and the like may be stacked neatly in designated areas at the Circulation and Reference Desks but shall not be distributed elsewhere (such as on end tables, chairs, desks, etc). The Library’s policy complies with Purchase College’s policy on posting material on campus.  

Code of Conduct

General Code of Conduct

All materials must be charged out at the Circulation Desk before they can be taken out of the Library.  Attempts to remove materials without charging them out will be referred to New York State University Police (referred to as UPD) and Student Affairs for disciplinary and/or criminal action.  

If Library security gate alarms sound, patrons are expected to return to the Circulation Desk to have bags and backpacks checked by staff or security guards.  

Do not leave valuables, laptops, cell phones, etc. unattended in the Library.   The Library and the College are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Library staff cannot assume responsibility for your possessions.  Do not ask staff to watch your belongings or hold them at the service desks.  

Patrons who are noisy and disruptive or fail to adhere to Library and College policies will be asked to leave the Library.   UPD will be notified if there is failure to comply.

Access to the roof or climbing on the exterior of the building is prohibited.  UPD will be notified about any violators.  

Proper Attire 

Appropriate attire is required, including shirts and shoes.  

Noise and cell phones

Cell phone use is allowed in certain areas of the Library, depending on the study zone. Cell phone conversations and audible ringing are not allowed in silent or quiet study zones. For complete information on allowable cell phone use in different zones, please see the descriptions of study zones. In general, when in the Library:

  • Please keep cell phones on silent or vibrate.
  • Respect others in your immediate surroundings by using brief, low voice conversation.
  • The Library will not be responsible for cell phone loss or damage.


Vandalizing or defacing materials including removal of covers, cases, pages, labels, security strips, identifying markings is prohibited. Violators will be referred to UPD and Student Affairs for disciplinary and/or criminal proceedings.

Vandalism of library property and building is also prohibited and will be referred to UPD. This includes:

  • Graffiti
  • Markings on walls, doors, furniture, projection screens, etc.
  • Permanent markers on white boards
  • Damaging furniture, bathroom fixtures, equipment, vending machines 

Obstructing windows or creating barriers

 It is not permitted to cordon off or to obstruct the view into any library space that does not have shades or blinds for this purpose. It is prohibited to:

  • Cover the windows or doors of study carrels or group study rooms
  • Hang blankets, sheets, etc. from walls or ceilings
  • Erect a barrier, or move furniture that blocks access to any area of the Library

Alcohol & Tobacco

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the Library. Violators will be referred to University Police and Student Affairs for disciplinary action. Exceptions may be made for College-sanctioned special events in accordance with the College’s Alcohol Policy and with the prior approval of the Library Director.

Tobacco is not permitted in the Library.  Violators will be referred to University Police and Student Affairs for disciplinary action. 

In accordance with the College’s Tobacco Free Policy, smoking and vaping any substance is prohibited in the Library.

Skateboards, Bicycles, etc.

Skateboarding, riding scooters, rollerblading, rollerskating, and hover boarding are not permitted in the Library or on the steps, ramp, and railings surrounding the building.

Bicycles may not be brought into the Library or chained to the railings outside. Please use the bicycle racks on the north side of the Library’s entrance. 

Plagiarism and Academic Integrity

Library users are expected to comply with the Purchase College Academic and Professional Integrity Policy by completing original work and avoiding cheating and plagiarism. The Library values the ethical use of information and research in all academic and creative works. The campus Academic Integrity Policy requires students to properly cite, paraphrase, and attribute any ideas which are not their own. Crediting scholars who came before contributes to an ongoing academic discourse, promotes a culture of integrity, and protects the rights of authors and creators, including those within the Purchase College Community.   

To learn about plagiarism and proper citation techniques, visit the Citation Guide.  To learn techniques for avoiding plagiarism, see the Academic Integrity Tutorial in Moodle (login to view).  Remember, when in doubt, you can always ask a librarian about citing and paraphrasing sources, using copyrighted images, formatting bibliographies, etc.


You are expected to comply with copyright laws. Please see our Copyright Guide for more information.

Damage to Library Materials

To extend the life of library materials, patrons are expected to treat all library materials with care and to return materials in the same condition as when checked out. Library patrons returning a damaged item, or who damage a non-circulating item, will be assessed at the replacement cost plus a $20 processing fee. Library staff will determine whether the item has been damaged beyond normal wear.  Patrons who continually misuse Library materials, including circulating and non-circulating items, may have their borrowing privileges revoked.
Examples of billable damage include:

  • Missing pages, discs, or accompanying materials
  • Using materials as furniture props, wedges, or coasters
  • Broken spine
  • Water/liquid damage
  • Pen, pencil, or highlighter markings
  • Leaving post-its, sticky notes, paper clips, etc. in books
  • Torn or missing covers
  • Scratched discs
  • Mold
Displaying Artwork in the Library

The Library has a rotating annual exhibition of student artists selected by the School of Art+Design. Other students, faculty, and staff wishing to have work exhibited in the Library should make a request at least two weeks in advance to the Library director.  The Library tries to accommodate as many of these requests as possible but is not obligated to accept any requests.      


The Library accepts donations both monetary and in kind.

If you would like to make a monetary donation to the Library, contact the Library director’s office, (914) 251-6435 or eileen.prager@purchase.edu. If you are interested in donating books, DVDs, CDs, or other library materials, please consult the Purchase College Library Donation Policy.

Filming and Photography in the Library


The Library tries to accommodate student requests to film in the Library. However, the director reserves the right to deny permission if the activity may disrupt other students or classes using the Library. Individuals or companies not affiliated with the college must contact the Office of Conference Planning to obtain permission to film in the Library or anywhere else on campus.   

These guidelines must be followed:

  • Obtain permission from the Library director at least 48 hours in advance. Permission can be requested by email or by making an appointment to see the director. The requester must specify in the request whether additional lighting will be brought in, whether there will be dialog or other sound, whether furniture or library materials need to be moved, and the precise date and time of the filming.  
  • Complete the Film Shoot Form for the University Police and have it approved and signed by the Police Chief or Deputy Police Chief. This can only be done Monday through Friday during 9–5 business hours. You cannot film on campus without New York State University Police Department approval. 
  • Notify Library personnel at the Circulation Desk when you have arrived for filming and when you have completed filming.
  • Do not film any individuals in the Library without their permission.
  • Do not modify Library walls, shelving, lighting, etc. without explicit permission from the director or building manager.  
  • Abide by the noise policies in the various areas of the Library. Exceptions may be granted when classes are not in session.
  • Remove all equipment, costumes, etc., and clean up all trash after filming.
  • The film crew is responsible for  moving any furniture, etc., and returning it to the way it was before the shoot.  
  • Provide the name and contact information of the Purchase College community member responsible for the filming.


Taking still photographs is permitted in the Library, as long as photographers receive permission from any people they photograph.

Food and Drink

Food and drink are permitted in the Library in accordance with the guidelines below.  We ask all library users to help maintain a clean and healthy environment by disposing of all waste and recyclables in the proper containers.


Drinks are only allowed in containers with secure lids or caps (and those lids and caps must be kept on the containers). Examples are:

  • Spill-proof travel mugs
  • Sport-style water bottles
  • Plastic bottles with caps

You may enjoy non-messy, non-aromatic snacks such as:

  • Pretzels
  • Potato chips
  • Fruit
  • Candy
  • Cookies
  • Carrot sticks

Messy and/or aromatic foods such as pizza, soup, hamburgers, fries, nachos, etc. are only permitted in the 2012 Lounge on the first floor.  

Report All Spills

No fault policy – If you spill something, please report it to a service desk (Circulation or Reference) so we can help you clean it up and provide paper towels, etc. We will not blame you, and in fact, will thank you for telling us about it!

Areas of the Library Where Food and/or Drink are Prohibited

  • Food and drink are prohibited in Special Collections/Archives
  • Noisy food (loud crunching, rustling of chip bags, etc.) is prohibited in designated silent areas
  • Food is prohibited in the computer labs; drinks are allowed in containers with secure lids

Guidelines & Principles

Please follow these simple principles borrowed from the Leave No Trace Outdoor Principles:

Dispose of Waste Properly

  • Make sure to place recyclables in recycling bins and non-recyclable garbage in trash cans designated for those purposes.

Leave Everything as You Found It

  • Leave library/technology resources, furnishings, and equipment as you found them–or in better condition than you found them.
  • If you spill something, please report it to a service desk.
  • Be Considerate of others including our hard-working custodial staff.

Library personnel reserve the right to determine the permissibility of food or drink. Library personnel reserve the right to ask individuals to relocate to the Lounge or remove food or drink from prohibited areas.  

Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Purchase College Library is a group of individuals dedicated to supporting the mission of the Library, which is to support the teaching, learning, and research of the college’s faculty, students, and outreach community.


Purchase College Library is open to the public. Guests are welcome in public areas of the Library. They are not permitted in private office areas, classrooms, group study rooms, or carrels except by invitation or permission from authorized Purchase College personnel.

Only individuals with Purchase College ID cards are permitted in the Library at night, between the hours of 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.

All guests must follow the Library’s Code of Conduct.

Guests may use the Library’s print and electronic resources on-site. For information on borrowing privileges for non Purchase College users, see our policy on who can borrow and our Friends of the Library page.

Guests are permitted to use library computers and the PuchaseGuest wifi account. To obtain a guest login for the public computers or the guest wifi password, please ask at the Circulation or Reference desks.

Purchase College affiliates have priority in using computers and peripherals. Guests may be denied access to computers during busy times. Please note that we do not provide printing privileges for guests. Library staff can print shorter items for guests at the staff member’s discretion. Due to our role as a Government Depository Library, staff will print federal government documents for guests.

Guests may use scanners and are encouraged to use a USB drive or a Google Drive account to save scanned documents.

Interlibrary Loan

Purchase College students, faculty, and staff can use our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) system, known as ILLiad, to request materials from other libraries. We provide this service free of charge to the Purchase College community.

To get started with interlibrary loan, please go to the interlibrary loan login page or see our interlibrary loan guide. Please note that the first time you use ILL at Purchase, you will need to complete an online registration page. 

Note: Friends of the Library are not eligible to request items via interlibrary loan.

Lost and Found

Lost items will be kept at the Circulation Desk until the end of the work day.    At the end of the day, all unclaimed items will be sent to UPD. Neither the Library nor the College are responsible for lost, stolen, or missing items.

Lost Library Materials

If you lose an item, or do not return or renew an item after its original due date, you will be charged the replacement cost of the item (as determined by the Library) plus a $20 processing fee. The Library does not accept replacement items provided by the borrower. Initial notices for lost books will include an average (or default) cost for the item of $75. The actual cost can be lower or higher and will be determined by the Library staff before the borrower is billed for the item. Inquiries about the actual cost of the item should be directed to the Circulation Desk staff. If you find the item, you may return it before the end of the academic school year, and the cost of the item (not the processing fees for fines) will be waived.

Overdue Notices

Overdue notices are sent to patrons via email as a courtesy.  Even if borrowers do not receive overdue notices, they are still responsible for returning items by their due dates.

Paying Fines

All Library fines are paid through Student Accounts.  Go to My Heliotrope for further information on paying your bill. The Library no longer accepts payments of any kind at the Library service desks.    

If you have any questions about fines, please speak to a Circulation Supervisor, either in person or by calling (914) 251-6401. 

If you have graduated or no longer have a current More Card, and need to pay an outstanding fine, contact Marsia Riley either by email marsia.riley@purchase.edu or phone (914) 251-6403.


There are no public photocopiers in the Library. You may use our scanners (for free) to email scans to yourself and print them on Library printers using your CTS print allocation. For more information, or if you are a guest, please see our Photocopier FAQ.  

Printers and Printing Allocation

The Library offers both black and white and color printing on letter-size or tabloid-size paper. Print allocations are set and maintained by Campus Technology Services (CTS).  For information about how to access your print account or add more points to your print allocation, see the CTS Print Management page in SharePoint (login may be required).

Currently CTS does not offer guest printing privileges. Guests may save and email documents to themselves. At their discretion, library staff may print government documents for patrons, due to our status as a Federal Depository Library.


The Purchase College Library subscribes to the philosophy expressed in Article III of the Code of Ethics of the American Library Association. We protect each library user’s right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired or transmitted.

The Library supports and complies with the relevant NY State laws governing library records:

§ 4509. Library records

Library records, which contain names or other personally identifying details regarding the users of public, free association, school, college and university libraries and library systems of this state, including but not limited to records related to the circulation of library materials, computer database searches, interlibrary loan transactions, reference queries, requests for photocopies of library materials, title reserve requests, or the use of audio-visual materials, films or records, shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed except that such records may be disclosed to the extent necessary for the proper operation of such library and shall be disclosed upon request or consent of the user or pursuant to subpoena, court order or where otherwise required by statute. 

Renewing Library Materials

On regular loan items (books, scores, gov. docs.), non-senior students are allowed three renewals, and faculty, staff, seniors, and graduate students are allowed two renewals. (The initial loan period is much longer for those groups.)

For 7 day loan items (DVDs from the popular collection, VHS, CDs, LPs, audio cassettes and bound journals), faculty, staff, and students are allowed one renewal.  

Other borrowers may not renew items.

To renew your items, please see Renewing Library Materials

Reporting Building Problems

Problems with the building should be reported to the Circulation or Reference service desks. Examples of such problems are:

  • Temperature is too hot or too cold.
  • Restroom issue
  • Leaks
  • Clean up spills, etc.  
Reserving Library Spaces

Group Study rooms and viewing/listening rooms may be reserved by Purchase College students, faculty, and staff using the college’s room reservation system.  Other users can request special permission from the Library director.

Computer labs and classrooms typically cannot be reserved except for use by classes.   Other events require advance authorization by the Library director and the Office of the Registrar.

For more information, please see our instructions for reserving rooms.


The Library has several large format, touchscreen scanners and smaller scanners. All patrons and guests are welcome to use them. For information on the scanners, please see our Scanners FAQ.

Faculty are encouraged to use the Library’s scanners to make accessible scans for use in Moodle courses.

Silent, Quiet, and Group Study

The Library is divided into three different study zones: silent, quiet, and group study.  For more information about what is allowed and prohibited in each zone, see our Study Zones Guide.  


Solicitations/sales by individuals or groups are prohibited in the Library unless approved by the Director.

Tobacco Free Policy

In accordance with the College’s Tobacco Free Policy, smoking or vaping any substance is prohibited in the Library.

Unattended Children

The Purchase College Library welcomes children as long as:

  1. They are accompanied by a parent or adult caregiver
  2. They are under appropriate supervision
  3. They behave appropriately

Please be aware that our facilities are open to the public, a situation which can present risks to children. The safety and security of children are the responsibility of the parent or adult caregiver.  The Library cannot assume responsibility for the safety of children left unattended.Please note the following:

  • A child not yet in high school must be under the supervision of an adult who assumes responsibility for him or her.
  • If a child wishes to leave the library, the library staff cannot legally detain him or her.
  • Parents or adult caregivers must monitor all activities and behavior of their children while they are in the library. The staff person in charge will request that a child leave the premises if the Library Code of Conduct is not followed.
  • Parents or adult caregivers are responsible for any act of vandalism (cutting, tearing, defacing, destroying books, periodicals, equipment, furniture, etc.).

If a child is left in the Library unattended, the staff will notify the University Police Department.

Viewing and Listening Rooms

The Library has rooms where you can view DVDs, VHS, or Blu-Rays or listen to CDs or LPs.  For full information, please see our FAQ about Viewing and Listening Rooms. In addition, you can view DVDs or listen to CDs on our public computers, as long as you use headphones.  You can use your own headphones, or borrow headphones from the Circulation Desk.

Weather Emergencies / Inclement Weather

The Library will remain open (on a revised schedule) when classes are canceled and campus offices closed due to inclement weather. During these weather emergencies, the Library will adhere to the following schedules:

When the campus has announced an Early Dismissal:

  • Sunday - Thursday: Library will close at 11:00 pm
  • Friday - Saturday: Library will close at 6:00 pm

When the campus has announced an All Day Closure the Library will be open

  • Sunday: 12:00pm to 11:00pm
  • Monday - Thursday: 10:30am - 11:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:30am - 6:00pm
  • Saturday: 11:00am - 6:00pm

When the campus has announced a Delayed Opening, the Library will open:

  • Monday - Friday: 10:30am. The Library will close at its regular closing time.

Circulation Services will be available. Other services may be curtailed. During intersessions, the Library may close earlier than its normal intersession hours.

Campus Weather Emergency Line: (914) 251-7500

Wireless Internet (WiFi)

There is wireless internet (WiFi) throughout the Library, and guests can use it.  For more information, please see our WiFi FAQ.

Librarians and Library Staff can access the Internal Policies page.