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Meal Plans will begin on Sunday, August 30th. Students on campus Saturday, August 29th with a valid meal plan may use their More Card to gain access to brunch and dinner at the Main Dining Hall from 10:30 - 1 PM and  5-7 PM respectively. Learn how you can save time, eat right, and get great value by buying your meal plan today at www.dineoncampus.com/purchase​!

Is your fall bill paid?  Check your online bill on myHeliotrope.

Join a payment plan now.
Have financial aid?  Accept your financial aid loans on myHeliotrope so payment isn’t late.
Forgot to apply for financial aid.  Complete your FAFSA now.
Set up Proxy Access for a parent/guardian.
Waive the college health insurance if you already have coverage. Go to myHeliotrope to waive.

The Bookstore website has changed to www.purchasecollegestore.com.  Phone:  914-251-6970.  Email:  purchasebookstore@gmail.com.

Submit your summer photos for this portal page.  Email to:  community.gallery@purchase.edu.

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