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Filming and Photography in the Library


The Library tries to accommodate student requests to film in the Library; however, the director reserves the right to deny permission if the activity may disrupt other students or classes using the Library.

Individuals or companies not affiliated with the college must contact the Office of Conference Planning to obtain permission to film in the Library or anywhere else on campus.   

These guidelines must be followed:

  • Obtain permission from the Library director at least 48 hours (2 business days) in advance. Permission can be requested by emailing The requester must specify in the request whether additional lighting will be brought in, whether there will be dialog or other sound, whether furniture or library materials need to be moved, and the precise date and time of the filming.  
  • Notify Library personnel at the Circulation Desk when you have arrived for filming and when you have completed filming.
  • Do not film any individuals in the Library without their permission.
  • Do not modify Library walls, shelving, lighting, etc. without explicit permission from the director or building manager.  
  • Abide by the noise policies in the various areas of the Library. Exceptions may be granted when classes are not in session.
  • Remove all equipment, costumes, etc., and clean up all trash after filming.
  • The film crew is responsible for  moving any furniture, etc., and returning it to the way it was before the shoot.  
  • Provide the name and contact information of the Purchase College community member responsible for the filming.


Taking still photographs is permitted in the Library, as long as photographers receive permission from any people they photograph.

Direct link to this Filming in the Library FAQ.