Borrowing Renewing

Borrowing Loan Periods and Fines

Items Loan period Fines
Regular Loan (books, scores) 30 days, with these exceptions:
90 days for seniors, graduate students, faculty and staff


DVDs (Popular Collection) 7 days $1.00/day
Videos (VHS) 3 days $3.00/day
DVDs (Academic Collection) 
4 hours, in-house use $0.75/hour
Bound journals, Music monuments 7 days $1.00/day
CDs, LPs, Cassettes 7 days $1.00/day
3-Hour Reserve 3 hours $0.75/hour
3-Day Reserve  3 days $5.00/day

Maximum Number of Loans

Items Students/Staff Faculty
Regular Loan (books, scores) 50 99
DVDs (Popular Collection), CDs, LPs, Cassettes 10 25
DVDs (Academic Collection), Videos,  Music Monuments 3 25 
Bound Journals 5 25
3-Hour Reserve 1 1
3-Day Reserve  1 1

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Renewing Library Materials

Login to your library account to:

  • Renew items online
  • Check which books you have on loan
  • Place a hold on an item (requires that the item be currently checked out)

Be sure to click on “End Session” when you are finished.

User ID/ Barcode:
(found on the back of your student ID)
(For students: last four digits of your barcode
For faculty & staff: last four digits of your Social Security number)

(Please contact Circulation at 914-251-6401 if you are unable to login)

Note that not all fine information will be listed. You may have fines from items you’ve already returned. For questions, or if you are unable to login, please contact the Circulation Desk at (914) 251-6401.