Books on physical reserve at the Library

Course Reserves Policies (applicable Fall 2021): 

Submitting Requests

Course Reserves Request Form - Books 

All course reserve requests for Fall 2021 classes must be submitted via the Course Reserves Request Form - Books.

This form is only for requesting books, either ebooks or physical books, to be put on reserve for a course and/or that will be used for a course. Please do not use this form to request streaming films or DVDs (see below for details regarding streaming films and DVDs).

All course reserve requests (both physical books and ebooks) must be submitted via the form. Requests via email will not be accepted.

All physical library Course Reserves requests must be submitted by the instructor of record or their delegate (e.g. a learning assistant, administrative assistant, etc). Library staff cannot enter requests on behalf of instructors.

These forms should be used both for items that are already in the Library’s collection and for materials that the Library needs to purchase to fulfill your reserve request.  Prior to placing your reserve request, please check the Library Discovery Search and limit your results to Books/Media @ Purchase to see if we have an item in our collections.

The Library will attempt to order an ebook for all course reserve requests for books not already in the collection. A print book will only be purchased to be put on reserve if an ebook is not available.

To request that the Library buy an item to add to the collection (i.e. you do NOT want to place this item on reserve at this time), please do not use one of the course reserve request forms. Please contact your subject liaison or use the Library’s Make a Recommendation Form.

If you need assistance locating materials (texts, media, or other original materials), please contact your subject liaison.

Processing Times

  • Requests for items in the Library’s collection can take up to four (4) weeks to process. Please note that this processing time can be even longer if the item is checked out and needs to be recalled.
  • Requests for items that are not part of the Library’s collection can take up to ten (10) weeks to process. Depending on how difficult the item is to obtain, processing time may exceed ten (10) weeks. 

Reserve requests are processed in the order in which they are received. Last-minute requests will not be prioritized.

Loan and Reserve Periods

  • All books on reserve are held at the Circulation Desk. Books are on reserve for the entire semester. Some items are on reserve for the full academic year, based on usage and/or cost.
  • The loan period is for 3-hours for books. Please see Borrowing & Renewing for complete loan period and fines information.
  • Items on reserve do not leave the Library. Exceptions can be made for faculty who need to use a reserve book in a class, on a case by case basis. Please contact your subject liaison for assistance.

If you have any questions about these policies, please contact your subject liaison for assistance.


Liaison Librarians are happy to work with you to find digital materials or explore online alternatives for the physical materials that you have used in the past. You can explore the Library’s current holdings on our eBooks Guide. Please note: Discovery Search does not show all of the ebooks to which the Library has access. For best results, search within individual ebook databases on the eBooks Guide or ask your subject liaison librarian for help.

All previously requested ebooks are still accessible via the same URLs provided at the time of initial request.

To request ebooks for your courses, please use Course Reserves Request Form - Books. The Library is currently only able to acquire ebooks that directly support course work. Priority will be given to required texts as opposed to recommended or optional readings. Please note that not all titles are available as ebooks.

DVD/Film Reserves (Academic Film Collection)

Videos on reserve are held in the Academic Film collection. Films are included in the Academic Film collection for a variety of reasons such as cost, rarity, and to ensure access to students as part of course reserves. The loan period for films/DVDs is 4 hours.

Films in the Academic Film collection do not leave the Library. Exceptions can be made for faculty who wish to have an in-class screening of a reserved film.

Please email Valencia Wallace ( for the following reasons:

  • To request films from the Academic Collection for a 7-day loan period
  • To request an extension to the 7-day loan period
  • To request additions to the Academic Film collection. As with books, the Library will prioritize purchasing films in streaming format and can only purchase films that are directly tied to coursework.
  • Please advise students whose academic work requires films from the Academic Film Collection to email Valencia Wallace and loan arrangements can be made on a case by case basis.

Search for Items on Physical Course Reserve

  1. To find out which items are on Reserve at the Library, use the new Library Discovery Search box.
  2. Start typing your search terms, then select “Course Reserves” as the scope from the drop-down menu that appears.
  3.  Click on “anywhere in record” below the search box to narrow your search by instructor, title, course name, etc. 
  4. You can also use the facets in the left-hand column to sort your results by course instructor or course name.  
  5. To check out a book on reserve, write down the entire call number, then go to the Circulation Desk to retrieve the item.
  6. For DVDs, write down the call number, retrieve the case from the Academic Film Collection, then bring it to the Circulation Desk to check out the disc.
For additional tips on how to look up Course Reserve items in the Discovery Search, see our FAQ on finding reserves  at the Library.