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Does the library have black and white printers? What about color printers? How much does it cost to print at the library?

Yes, there is both black and white and color printing in the Library.

Black and White Printer locations:

  • Two b&w printers in the Reference Area on the main floor (PCs) 
  • Two b&w printers in the DMZ on the main floor (PCs and Macs) 

 Color Printer Locations:

  • Two large format* color printers in the DMZ on the main floor (PCs and Macs)
  • Three large format* color printers in the Reference Area on the main floor (PCs)
  • One large format* color printer in Lab 1004D (PCs)
  • One large format* color printer in Lab 1004C (PCs)
  • One large format* color printers in Lab 1004B (Macs)

*Note: “large format” color printers are able to print on 11 x 17 paper (Tabloid) as well as 8.5 x 11 (Letter) paper.


The following campus buildings also have color printing:

  • New Media Lab in Natural Sciences (NSS 1013)
  • Labs in the Visual Arts building
  • Design Technology Labs (Social Sciences)
  • Natural Sciences Planetarium Lab (NSS 1063)
  • CTS Printing Station in Social Sciences (SS 0025)
  • Humanities Mac Pro Lab (HUM 2034)
  • Humanities iMac Lab (HUM 1054)

There is also an EPSON Stylus Pro 9900 plotter printer and a 3D printer in the CTS Printing Lab (Social Science Building, Room 0025). The plotter prints large scale items, such as posters, in color and costs 600 print points per square foot.

Costs and Print Allocation

Each student receives a print allocation at the start of every semester.  All printing costs are automatically deducted from your print quota at the time of printing. Your balance appears as a box on the screen.

  • Printing in black and white costs 5 points per page for one-sided printing, and 2 point discount for double-sided printing.
  • Printing in color costs 35 points per page.
  • Large Paper Surcharge: 11 x 17 (ledger) prints are charged twice the rate of 8.5 x 11 (letter) prints

For detailed information regarding labs and printers, please see the Computer Labs page.

For more information about pricing and refunds, see the CTS Print Management webpage.  

For detailed instructions on how to print in color, please see our Step-by-Step FAQ on how to print in color.