We do our best to accommodate all requests - including the last-minute ones, and most equipment can be borrowed at any time for a period of one week.  However, we would encourage you to reserve the equipment in advance to increase the likelihood of it being available when you need it.  Your reserved equipment can be picked up and returned at the CTS Helpdesk (Social Sciences Room 0025) anytime during our normal business hours.  We have a limited supply, so if you are unable to pick up your equipment by the specified date, please call and let us know.  We will be happy to hold it an extra day, but if we don’t hear from you, the equipment will have to be returned to the loan pool and a new request submitted if you still want to borrow the equipment.  

Equipment may be borrowed over breaks, but permission from the instructor through the work order system or by email is needed for students to borrow equipment between semesters.

Please note that CTS may decline or cancel requests for a variety of reasons including previous reservations on record, lost or broken equipment, late returns, or any other reason.  

All electronic communications for equipment requests from CTS are done through the CTS Work Order System and will appear in your Purchase email account Inbox from “Do Not Reply - Purchase College Work Order System” with the subject line “CTS Work Order Status Report.”

By listing the item(s) in your work order, CTS acknowledges each piece of equipment is in the bag, in working order, and undamaged and being loaned to you. Once you leave CTS with the equipment, you have acknowledged you’ve received each of those items in the list, in working order, and undamaged. It is your responsibility to check the equipment, before you leave CTS, as you will be charged for any items not returned or returned not working or damaged.

We will hold this equipment for you for 24 hours of the requested pick up date. Please remember to bring your More Card when you pick up the equipment. If the equipment is not picked up within 24 hours of the requested pick up date, we may need to cancel this request and return the items to the loan pool in order to allow other students to reserve the equipment.

Please note that great care and attention has been made in preparing and packing the requested equipment. We ask that the equipment be returned in the same condition.

Also, please note that all media saved to CTS equipment will be erased once returned.

Please be aware that if equipment is not returned by the due date, a charge will be placed on your account for the full amount of the items borrowed, and you will be unable to borrow additional equipment. Once the overdue equipment is returned, the charge will be changed to late fees calculated by the number of days late.

Pickups can be made during the following hours at the CTS Helpdesk:
Monday– Thursday 8:30am -6:30pm Fridays 8:30am-4:30pm.

If CTS is closed, do not leave the equipment outside the CTS door. In this case, please update the work order stating the time you arrived at CTS to return the equipment, and note that CTS was closed. Do not leave equipment unattended anywhere to avoid theft or other malicious activity and therefore ultimately being responsible for the full cost of the stolen or lost equipment.

For a full explanation of the Equipment Loan Policy, please visit the Policy Page.

Faculty:  Please refer to the CTS Classroom Technology Services page for instructions on submitting classroom equipment requests.

All equipment is bar-coded.  Items returned after the due date may result in a late fee, a charge or hold being placed on your account, and denial of future equipment requests until fees are paid.  Fee amounts are at the discretion of CTS and subject to change without notice.  Any broken, lost or missing components or accessories will result in a charge/hold being placed on your account for the dollar amount of the replacement item.

CTS no longer accepts payments for late fees or equipment replacement fees.  The charges are added to your student bill and all payments will need to be made online through the myHeliotrope link on the campus Portal Page.  (The area to go to in myHeliotrope is Student>Student Account>Payment Center.)  Please let Student Financial Services or CTS know once payment is made so the money can be applied to the proper account.  Be aware that you cannot borrow equipment again until the fees are paid.  This also applies to requests for increases in print management funds for the CTS managed computer labs.