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SUNY Print Initiative - Administrative Printing

New Printers are Here

In June 2020 SUNY mandated campus participation in their Office Print Management initiative. A local Print Management Team was formed by the CFO and has been working with SUNY and their vendors for the last 2- ¾ years. We are pleased to announce that that effort has now culminated in the purchase of new high-efficiency printers that are being deployed across campus this spring. Replacing our hodge-podge of creaky old printers with reliable new high-efficiency printers will also dramatically reduce the college’s print expenses going forward.

How much will we save?

Prior to the pandemic, administrative print expenses for fiscal year 2018-2019 were $202,702.

The pandemic reduced print volume on campus, but it began to climb again after the return to campus reaching $112,938 for 2021-22. These figures represent the costs associated with running 226 older printers.

After studying an exhaustive dataset of actual usage, SUNY/Toshiba recommended a total of 44 administrative printers (down from 226). Our Local Print team interviewed 50+ Directors and unit heads to review the SUNY recommendations and make adjustments. In the end, we arrived at a total count of 41 administrative printers.

The SUNY initiative will reduce expenses since the per-page expense is dramatically lower for new Toshiba and HP printers:

  • Our Existing Canon fleet $0.015/page for monochrome versus Toshiba/HP fleet $0.004/page.
  • Our Existing Canon fleet $0.084/page for Color versus Toshiba fleet $0.03 /page.

For fiscal year 2023-24 at current volumes, we project total annual print expenses of $30,115. That represents a projected savings of $85,882 per year (and savings of over $170,000 per year compared to pre-pandemic print expenses.)

How do the new Printers work?

The new printers use a cloud-based universal print driver. You no longer have to select a printer you want to send a print job to. You can walk up to any of the new printers to get your printout.

The print scout was already deployed to campus owned computers.   Contact CTS  if you need it installed.  You may download and install either the Windows or Mac version of the Pharos print scout on your personal computer and print to any of the new printers over a wired connection or PurchaseWifi.  

The new printers use Secure Print Release (see video) to ensure the privacy of sensitive materials. Your job will not come out until you arrive at a printer and swipe your faculty/staff More Card to release the printout. If you forgot your More Card, you can use the touchscreen to log into the printer and release your job.  If you need a More Card, please contact the More Card Office on the Web, by email at, or by phone at (914) 251-6330.

Deploying the new Printers

Toshiba and Pharos have been working on the configuration settings for the fleet and preparing them for delivery. CTS will contact each department to schedule a time for the technicians to come and install your new printer.  Please see our Pharos Printing Guide for instructions on use.

Where are the new printers going?

All the buildings on the plaza will have at least one color printer. You may have to walk a short distance, but nobody will have to leave their building to get a printout. Se below for a list of locations by building.

What are these printers?

The SUNY Print Contract allowed a choice of four printer models – 2 color, and 2 monochrome.

  • Toshiba eStudio-5516ac (Product video)
  • HP LaserJet E62665 (monochrome) (Product video)
  • HP LaserJet E60165 (monochrome) (lower end HP – we did not buy any of these)

We also received special approval from SUNY to add a smaller midrange color Multi-Function Device to our fleet:

Administrative Office Print Toner and Supplies will be provided through CTS:

Department Managers no longer need to order supplies or paper for regular administrative office printing. The new printers automagically ‘phone-home’ to order toner when needed, and it will be delivered to you. CTS will provide standard office paper in 8.5 x 11” and 11 x 17” sizes.

Please note that CTS does not supply pre-printed letterhead or high-quality bonded stock that might be needed for certain jobs.

We are coming for your desktop Printer

All desktop printers will be eliminated. Ask CTS or HR about a temporary or permanent ADA Accessibility exemption if you need one.

No Print Quotas

There will be no print allocations or quotas for college employees. CTS will use the Pharos Print Dashboard to monitor and review print usage and will share usage reports with department managers upon request. All print use will be tracked, monitored, and reported by user, by department, by page count, and by type (color vs b/w, single vs double-sided.) Significant anomalies will be reviewed and may be brought to unit management attention. But you can and should print what you need to print for college business.

Key take-aways:

  • This initiative covers all Administrative Office Printing expenses across campus.
  • Student printing in Computer Labs, classrooms and the Library is not included at this time and will continue to use the existing Paper Cut system. Further savings on student printers are clearly achievable, and CTS will be looking to convert student computer labs to the new printers later this year.
  • Participating in the SUNY Print Initiative provides significant savings for Purchase College.
  • The most expensive printers to operate – desktop printers – will be eliminated.
  • Default print settings B/W and double-sided for everything and everyone. Change the default settings when you need to.
  • Color printing should be avoided – but will remain available to all.

Keep it up!

Continuing to reduce the amount you print will help the College achieve strategic goal 1.1.5: Expand our commitment to sustainable environmental practices, while reducing expenses.

Avoid returning to old printing habits and save trees. We have all embraced Electronic Meetings and Electronic Documents over last 3 years, and we should continue using those options to share information. CTS can provide tips to help you make good use of electronic documents.

Administrative Printer locations

Admissions 1002 Toshiba ESTUDIO 5516ACT
Humanities 1052 Toshiba ESTUDIO 5516ACT
Social Sciences Building 33-Basement HP HP LJ MFP E62665h
Campus Center South 2007b Toshiba ESTUDIO 5516ACT
Campus Center South 3002 HP HP LJ MFP E62665h
Campus Center South 0009-Basement HP HP LJ MFP E62665h
Campus Center South 3001a Toshiba ESTUDIO 5516ACT
Student Services Building 0113 HP HP LJ MFP E62665h
Library(Communications & Creative Services 0006-Lower Level HP HP LJ MFP E62665h
Library (University Police) 0013f Toshiba ESTUDIO 400AC
Physical Education Building 1001 Toshiba ESTUDIO 400AC
Natural Sciences Building 2065 Toshiba ESTUDIO 5516ACT
Facilities Management Building 1018a HP HP LJ MFP E62665h
Student Services Building 335 Toshiba ESTUDIO 400AC
Performing Arts Center 0003d HP HP LJ MFP E62665h
Performing Arts Center L005 Toshiba ESTUDIO 5516ACT
Capital Facilities Planning 1001 HP HP LJ MFP E62665h
Fort Awesome (Harbor Center) RY0130-Hallway Toshiba ESTUDIO 400AC
Dance Building (Theatre Arts) 1025 Toshiba ESTUDIO 5516ACT
Dance Building 0001a-Lower Level Toshiba ESTUDIO 400AC
Campus Center North 2002 HP HP LJ MFP E62665h
Central Receiving 0024 HP HP LJ MFP E62665h
Library 1005 Toshiba ESTUDIO 5516ACT
Student Services Building 0316h HP HP LJ MFP E62665h
Student Services Building 0201 Lobby Toshiba ESTUDIO 400AC
Student Services Building 0113J Toshiba ESTUDIO 5516ACT
Social Sciences Building 2030 Toshiba ESTUDIO 5516AC
Social Sciences Building 1012 Toshiba ESTUDIO 5516AC
Humanities 0049 HP HP LJ MFP E62665h
Humanities 1061 HP HP LJ MFP E62665h
Neuberger Museum of Art 0009-Basement HP HP LJ MFP E62665h
Neuberger Museum of Art 2011 Toshiba ESTUDIO 5516ACT
Neuberger Museum of Art 3001 Toshiba ESTUDIO 400AC
Music 0061 Toshiba ESTUDIO 400AC
Music 0089 HP HP LJ MFP E62665h
Music 1016 Toshiba ESTUDIO 5516ACT
Visual Arts Building 0004 HP HP LJ MFP E62665h
Visual Arts Building 2001 Toshiba ESTUDIO 5516ACT
Visual Arts Building 1014 HP HP LJ MFP E62665h
Social Sciences Building 2013 Toshiba ESTUDIO 400AC
The Administrative Print Management Team:
  1. Alvarez, Aaron, CTS
  2. Bruehl, David, CTS
  3. Depace, Teresa, IA
  4. Diaz, Nancy, CCS
  5. Joshi, Amit, CTS
  6. Junor, Bill, CTS
  7. Kelly, Tom, Sustainability
  8. Loparrino, Roseann, Finance
  9. Miller, Alicia, CTS
  10. Perkins, Darrell, Internal Control
  11. Pleva, Elizabeth, Purchasing
  12. Rizzo, Ian, CTS
  13. Rossi, Doreen, CTS
  14. Seaman, Shane, CCS
  15. Stewart, Edward, CTS