CTS works closely with the faculty Instructional Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) to build and upgrade technology enhanced classrooms in an effort to make all classrooms technology enhanced rooms. Most of these rooms are equipped with a podium, computer, data projector, wireless Ethernet, and a TV/DVD/VCR, and a telephone hotline for support services.

Please note that the newest classrooms (LI1015A, LI1015B, SS1003, SS1004, NS1059) contain DVD players, but not VCRs.

All of the new smart classrooms in the Humanities building are equipped the same: Extron push button controls, new HP computer, display monitor, projector, Blu-ray DVD player (no VCRs), audio system/amplifier, and a port to connect a laptop.

Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Buildings in Use

All buildings in use for in-person instruction are being modified to ensure social distancing and maintain reduced density. The buildings in use for in-person instruction are as follows:

  • The Dance Building is being used by dance and theatre for in-person instruction. All classes are reduced in density and scheduled so that they can be disinfected and cleaned between meetings.
  • The Music Building is being used by music and film students for limited and altered in person instruction.
  • The PAC will be home to dance and theatre activities and support commuter students who want to access WiFi and relax between classes.
  • The Visual Arts Building is being used extensively to support in-person instruction in all areas of the curriculum.
  • The Neuberger Museum is closed to the public for roof repairs but is being used for class meetings.
  • The Natural Sciences Building will be home to about 35 students doing research and attending in-person courses needed for graduation.
  • The Social Sciences Building’s second floor will be reset for use by Design and Technology for its in-person instruction.
  • The Library will provide services remotely and resources will be checked out online and picked up at a central point in the outer lobby.
  • The Humanities Building will not be used for classes but will be accessible to faculty and staff with offices in the building.
  • The Counseling Center will remain active and available to students.
  • The Student Services Building will remain open to students on the first and second floor by appointment only. All services will also be provided remotely.
  • The CMFT Building will be home to in-person instruction by theater and film.

All Technology Enhanced Classrooms

  1. SS1001: 125-seat Lecture Hall
  2. SS1002: 36-seat Classroom
  3. SS1003: 30-seat Classroom
  4. SS1004: 30-seat Classroom
  5. SS1038: 66-seat Classroom
  6. SS1039: 66-seat Classroom
  7. SS1006: 45-seat Classroom
  8. SS2004: Design Technology Classroom

  1. HU1010: 16-seat Seminar*
  2. HU1030: Theater
  3. HU1032: 120-seat Lecture Hall
  4. HU1039: 35-seat Classroom
  5. HU1040: 40-seat Classroom
  6. HU1041: 45-seat Classroom
  7. HU1042: 50-seat Classroom
  8. HU1043: 52- seat Classroom
  9. HU1044: 64-seat Classroom
  10. HU1048: 14-seat Small Conference Room*
  11. HU1051: 28-seat Large Conference Room*
  12. HU1054: 29-seat Computer Lab
  13. HU2030: 20-seat Seminar Room*
  14. HU2031: 24-seat Classroom/Seminar Room*
  15. HU2032: 16-seat Conference Room*
  16. HU2033: 25-seat Computer Lab
  17. HU2034: 25-seat Computer Lab
  18. HU2042: TV Studio
  19. HU2035: 36-seat Art History*
  20. HU2036: 8-seat Reference Room*
  21. HU2043: 49-seat Classroom
  22. HU2044: Classroom
  23. HU2045: Classroom
  24. HU2046: Classroom
  25. HU2047: Classroom
  26. HU2052: 48-seat Classroom
  27. HU2053: Classroom
  28. HU2056: Classroom
  29. HU2058: 12-seat Small Conference Room*
  30. HU2059: Classroom

*Presenter must bring their own laptop if needed. This room is equipped with a projector, screen, Wi-Fi, VGA (and audio cable), and HDMI laptop cables.

  1. NS1001: 145-seat Lecture Hall
  2. NS1013: New Media Computer Lab
  3. NS1029: 44-seat Classroom
  4. NS1029b: 40-seat Classroom
  5. NS1030: 30-seat Classroom
  6. NS1059: 30-seat Classroom
  7. NS1064: NME Mini-Gallery
  8. NS2001: 24-seat Classroom
  9. NS2014: BioLab
  10. NS2019: Microscopy Lab Suite (Center)
  11. NS2020: Microscopy Lab Suite (One)
  12. NS2027: 30-seat Classroom
  13. NS2022: Microscopy Lab Suite (Two)
  14. NS3001: 33-seat Classroom
  15. NS3052: 30-seat Classroom
  16. NS3053: 30-seat Classroom

  1. LI1014: Digital Media Zone (DMZ) Lab
  2. LI0012: Surge Space (16 seats)
  3. LI0014: Surge Space (16 seats)
  4. LI0001: Library Classroom
  5. LI0002: Classroom
  6. LI1015c: Classroom
  7. LI0008a: TLTC Conference Room
  8. LI1004b: Library Classroom
  9. LI1004c: Library Classroom
  10. LI1004d: Library Classroom

  1. MU0001: 40-seat Smart Classroom
  2. MU1002: Choral Hall (178 seats)
  3. MU0037: Smart Classroom
  4. MU0038: Music Classroom
  5. MU0039: 89-seat Film Classroom
  6. MU0061: FMS Conference Room
  7. MU0089a: LSCE Smart Classroom

  1. DA1041: Dance Studio-J (95-seat Classroom)
  2. DA1019: Acting Studio
  3. DA1027: Acting Studio
  4. DA1028: Acting Studio
  5. DA1035: Acting Studio

  1. VA0012: 30-seat Classroom/Photo Lab
  2. VA0031: Photo Classroom
  3. VA1016: Perception Lab
  4. VA2027: 30-seat Classroom
  5. VA2015: 30-seat Classroom
  6. VA1021: 30-seat Classroom
  7. VA1024: 30-seat Classroom
  8. VA1025: 30-seat Classroom
  9. VA1026: 30-seat Classroom
  10. VA2015: Drawing Classroom
  11. VA2027: 30-seat Foundations Lab
  12. VA2029: 30-seat Foundations Lab
  13. VA2030: Painting Classroom
  14. VA2031: Painting Classroom
  15. VA2032: Sculpture Classroom and Gallery

  1. RX0126: 48-seat Active-Learning Space
  2. RY0137: 35-seat Classroom
  3. RY0142: 35-seat Classroom

  1. MF2032: Smart Classroom