College Policy Management

All College Policies must be entered in the dashboard as dynamic content, specifically as the blurb type called College Policies.

They should only be entered by the group that manages the policy, and then shared for use by other groups who wish to have the policy appear on their pages.

This ensures only a single version of the policy exists, and when updates or edits are made, those changes are shared site-wide. 

Using the College Policies blurb also ensures the policy will automatically populate onto the site-wide policy index page.

Sharing Policies

If you would like access to an existing policy, use the “get shared policies” option to search for the policy, then use the “link to checked items” option.

If the policy is in the system, but has not been shared globally (i.e. you see it on another groups’ site, but it’s not available in “get shared policies”), contact a content editor from that group and request that it be shared.

Add the blurb

Go to the LiveWhale Content Management System dashboard.

  1. If you belong to more than one group, be sure you are in the correct group before you add a new policy blurb. Your group name appears in the black LiveWhale editing bar at the top of the screen when you’re logged in. In the dashboard, a drop-down menu is available if you belong to more than one group.
  2. Click on the “Blurbs” tab in the LiveWhale dashboard navigation.
  3. Select “College Policies” from  the “Blurb type” select list.
  4. Click on the “+ Add new” button.

In the livewhale dashboard there is a tab named blurbs.

Make the Blurb

Showing the livewhale dashboard edit a blurb page.

  1. Click the “Share content” button if you want to share the blurb with other offices.
  2. Add  all the content to the “Blurb body” input.
  3. If required, add the appropriate tag to “Tags”, for the college policy you want the blurb to show up under.
  4. Click “Save This Blurb”, it will be the last input on the “Edit a blurb” form page.

After making all the edits you need to make on the page click the “Save this blurb button” or your updates will be lost.
Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the complete list of categories available and  the tags and/or groups they require.

Check to see if the tag works

  1. Go to the College Policies page, where all college policies are pulled in via widgets if they are tagged properly.
  2. See if the college policy blurb is showing up under the appropriate heading by using the appropriate “tag” and/or “group”. For example: if you added the “enrollment services policies” tag to your college policy, it should show up under the heading: “Enrollment Services Policies”.