Each Continuing Education program is a subpage of the Continuing Education Programs group.

Program types

Continuing Education Programs are sub-divided into four sections:

  • Professional Certificate Programs
  • Personal Enrichment Courses
  • International Institute
  • Programs/Courses Through Online Partners

We have set up School and Conservatory cards for each section. This allows us to display each card on the Continuing Education homepage, even though they are technically not schools.

On the homepage for each section, we are displaying Continuing Education Program profiles that are checked with the appropriate Program Type. There is no filtering currently in place on any of these pages.

Setting up a Continuing Education program

The first step is to add a page for the program under the Continuing Education Programs group. 

It must be three levels deep in the url (e.g./academics/continuing-education/appraisal-studies/).

Use the “Level 3 - Youth and CE Programs” template. Each Continuing Education Program has a homepage and subpages.

To display a header image at the top of the program page:

  • make sure the image name matches the name of the program exactly, e.g. “Appraisal Studies”
  • tag the image with “program header image

The right sidebar shows only only the navigation for the current program. To set this up, go to the page details for the program homepage, and under “Template Information”, select “Is this a site within another site?

Continuing Education program cards

Program cards can be ordered by adding or removing balloons from the program profile.

The image displayed on each program card is controlled from the program profile.

To edit or add a new Continuing Education Program card:

Under the Academics group, select Profiles, and choose Continuing Education Programs. Select a Program to edit. 

  • Profile link: set the profile link to point to the program page. 
  • Card Title: if you’d like the program card to display a different version of the program title, you can use this optional field to control the title displayed on the card. Otherwise, the program profile title is displayed on the card.
  • Credit: the Credit/Non-Credit label is displayed  on each program card and in the program header.

    For the program header labels, we are finding a Continuing Education Program profile with a url matching the first three segments of the current url (since the programs are all three levels deep) and displaying the boxes checked for each profile.
  • Semester: the semester is also displayed as a label on each program card and in the program header.
  • Program Type: the selected session is displayed as a label in the program header. It’s also used to separate the programs for the four different sections of Continuing Education.
  • Program Card Image: to change the image, click on the image in the top left, remove the current image, and upload a new one (see the Programs help page for more help editing the images).
  • Tags: not currently displayed anywhere. Tags could be used for organizational purposes.
  • Program Color (in the right sidebar): this color is used on program pages and program cards. It sets the “accent” color for each program.