Each Instrumental Performance program is a subpage of the Instrumental Performance group.

These programs are three levels deep in the url (e.g. /academics/instrumental-performance/brass/)

Each program page uses the “Level 3 - Program Inside Page” template.

The header, for all of these programs, displays “Instrumental Performance” and the labels checked on the “Instrumental Performance” Academic Program profile card.

The Instrumental Performance programs are set up as Academic Program profile cards. However, none of the Instrumental Performance sub-program cards are displayed on the Conservatory of Music page. These are intentionally omitted and only the main Instrumental Performance card is shown.

For each of these programs, there is a “Level 3 - Music Program Requirements” template that automatically displays the requirements specific to Music for each program. To do this, we look for an Academic Program profile with a url matching the first three segments of the current url, and display the appropriate requirements depending on the page title.

The Instrumental Performance requirements pages must be named as follows:

  • Bachelor of Music
  • Master of Music
  • Artist Diploma
  • Performers Certificate