The Office for Global Education is located on the second floor of the Student Services Building.

Our staff:

The Office for Global Education is committed to assisting Purchase College in educating successful global citizens. To do this, the office provides support for students interested in studying abroad and for international students who want to study at Purchase College. The office assists with visa maintenance for foreign faculty and staff as well as providing campus-wide programming related to global issues.

Education Abroad Global Education staff members advise students on study abroad and study away options, including Purchase study abroad programs (semester-long exchange and short-term faculty-led), the more than 600 study abroad programs across SUNY campuses, and non-SUNY programs.

If a student approaches you asking about studying abroad, this page can help guide your conversation and set the student on the right path to finding a program that best meets their needs.

If you are interested in starting a new program abroad, the office encourages you to submit a program proposal before meeting with the Dean for Global Strategy. Visit our webpage to learn more about what is involved with leading a program abroad.

In addition, the office acts as a clearinghouse for the college’s foreign agreement management under the SUNY Office of Global Affairs. This includes exchange agreements, dual degree agreements, and other memoranda of understanding with all foreign institutions.

As a combined office, Global Education also provides international student and scholar services. Purchase has an exceptionally diverse international student population with students coming from over 35 countries. Our office works with international students from acceptance through graduation to ensure they maintain their visa status.

We also design and lead the International Student Orientation (ISO) to welcome international students and introduce them to student life and the United States.

Visit our page about international students to learn more. Email with any questions you may have.

The office is designated to provide immigration guidance related to the activities of foreign individuals on campus with the support of Human Resources and the SUNY contracted law firm, Harris Beach LLC. All communication with the law firm that relates to these matters is done by our office.

The Office for Global Education also processes both non-immigration (e.g. H-1B) and immigration (“green card”) visa applications for foreign national faculty and staff. In some cases, the College may sponsor part of a faculty or staff’s application for Permanent Residency. Please refer to the College’s Immigration policy and Green Card Agreement , and contact the Dean for Global Strategy for more information.

If you are interested in sponsoring a visiting foreign scholar (e.g. J-1) or inviting a foreign national guest speaker who may require special consideration for remuneration or a visa, please contact the Dean for Global Strategy.

As an employer of persons in temporary non immigrant worker status, our office maintains Public Access Files for visa holders on behalf of Purchase College.

In addition to the above, our team coordinates and presents international campus-wide co-curricular activities, including the Global Scholars Program, the (T)HERE: A Global Festival of Arts, Culture & Ideas, fall and spring Study Abroad/Away Fairs, faculty-led study abroad and away information sessions, Passport Day, orientation events, classroom visits to speak about our programs and presentations in First Year Seminars.