For detailed statewide information governing evaluation, reappointment, and promotion, please refer to:

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Explicit standards for reappointment and promotion appear in the Faculty Bylaws, especially Article XII, Criteria for Reappointment and Promotion of Faculty. Faculty should also refer to the companion document, Procedures for Reviewing Faculty for Reappointment and Promotion. Both documents are available under College Policies.

Faculty participation in the student evaluation of instruction is a requirement for reappointment, promotion, and discretionary awards. No other evaluation or instrument may be substituted for this requirement. The results will be made available to the faculty member, the board-of-study coordinator, the chair or director of the school or conservatory, and the provost and will become part of the official personnel file. Please refer to Student Evaluations in the “Planning the Course Syllabus” section for related information.

Peer evaluation of instruction is encouraged by the college and is considered to be an important aspect of the general evaluation of faculty for reappointment and promotion.

Regulations governing the official personnel files of faculty members are contained in Article 31 of the NYS/UUP Agreement. Within the limits of and following the procedures outlined in the article, faculty members may make an appointment at the Office of Human Resources to review and respond to items contained in their official personnel files. Unless prohibited by law, an employee shall be notified of any other request for access to his or her official file for reasons other than those related to official university purposes. Procedures for reviewing official personnel files are also available at the Office of Human Resources.