Review of Full-Time Tenure-Track Faculty

Full-time tenure-track faculty members are reviewed according to procedures established by the Purchase College faculty. Explicit standards for reappointment and promotion appear in the Faculty Bylaws, especially Article XII, Criteria for Reappointment and Promotion of Faculty. Faculty should also refer to the companion document, Procedures for Reviewing Faculty for Reappointment and Promotion, available under College Policies.

Members of the teaching faculty are evaluated on the basis of their teaching, scholarly and/or professional activities, and community service. (Separate criteria exist for library faculty, defined under Article XI, §B.2.a. of the Faculty Bylaws.) Faculty members are expected to meet standard obligations in all three areas and to achieve excellence in two of these areas, one of which must be teaching.

All reviews are conducted according to the timeline established by the provost. Typically, the review process is initiated by the director of the school or conservatory, who requests by letter that the faculty candidate submit a dossier, including a letter summarizing her or his teaching, scholarly and/or professional activities, and community service, and supporting evidence of those activities, such as syllabi, publications, and exhibitions. Depending on the nature of the review, the candidate may also be asked to submit names of persons inside and/or outside the college who can be contacted as sources of information during the review process.

A faculty member may initiate a review for early tenure or promotion. Please refer to the timeline for the deadline to request a change in rank or tenure status.

External Evaluations

External evaluations are required for all reviews involving decisions on reappointment taking place in the sixth of the standard seven-year probationary period. External evaluations are required for all reviews involving promotion to the ranks of associate or full professor and associate or full librarian.


Lyterati is a faculty-information system that allows users to upload their accomplishments in the areas of research, teaching, and service.

When you are ready to begin adding information for a faculty review, you should log in to Lyterati using your Purchase email credentials.

There are guides also on the Lyterati home page under Resources.

Our college’s Lyterati administrators are Robin Aleman (Provost’s office) and Doreen Rossi (CTS), please contact them with any questions.