From the Commission website: “The New York State Commission on Ethics and Lobbying in Government (“The Commission”) was established on July 8, 2022 by the Ethics Commission Reform Act of 2022.

The Commission was created to restore public trust in government by ensuring compliance with the State’s ethics and lobbying laws and regulations. It has jurisdiction over more than 300,000 officers and employees at State agencies and departments, including commissions, boards, State public benefit corporations, public authorities, SUNY, CUNY, and the statutory closely-affiliation corporations; the four statewide elected officials; members of the Legislature and candidates for those offices; employees of the Legislature; certain political party chairpersons; and registered lobbyists and their clients.

The Commission provides information, education, and advice regarding ethics and lobbying laws and promotes compliance through audits, investigations, and enforcement proceedings. It also issues formal and informal advisory opinions and promulgates regulations on the applicable laws and the effect on those subject to the Commission’s jurisdiction.

Finally, the Commission promotes transparency by making required disclosures by those under its jurisdiction available to the public. These disclosures include, but are not limited to, annual financial disclosure statements filed by thousands of individuals and activity and expense reports filed by lobbyists and their clients.”

More information is available at New York State Commission on Ethics and Lobbying in Government in the following handbook sections: