The Public Integrity Reform Act of 2011 (“PIRA”) was passed by the New York State Legislature on June 13, 2011, and signed into law by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on August 15, 2011. PIRA comprehensively reformed the oversight and regulation of ethics and lobbying in New York State—a key component of which was the establishment of an independent agency, the New York State Commission on Ethics and Lobbying in Government, which has oversight over both the executive and legislative branches.

The commission was created to restore public trust in government by ensuring compliance with the state’s ethics and lobbying laws, regulations, and guidance. The commission promotes transparency by making required disclosures filed by statewide elected officials, executive branch officers and employees, and candidates, as well as lobbyists, lobbying clients, and public benefit corporations available to the public. The commission provides information, education, and advice regarding current ethics and lobbying laws and promotes compliance through audits, investigations, and enforcement proceedings.

More information is available at New York State Commission on Ethics and Lobbying in Government in the following handbook sections: