Disruptive Classroom Behavior

Instructors have a responsibility to maintain an effective learning situation in their classrooms and to deal promptly with any disruptions that interfere with the learning environment. When a disruptive incident occurs that cannot effectively be handled by other means, the instructor may direct the student(s) involved to leave the room for the remainder of the class session.

The University Police must be called immediately at (914) 251-6911 in cases where:

  • a student does not leave as directed
  • physical violence is involved or threatened
  • the instructor believes that a student should be disciplined beyond the single class session

In such cases, the instructor is also obliged to notify their director of their school/conservatory and the Office of Community Standards at (914) 251-6027, (914) 251-6033, or saf.conduct@purchase.edu. If the instructor and the director are unable to resolve the situation, the director may dismiss the student from the course, and the student may appeal the dismissal in writing to the provost.

Protection from Civil Lawsuits

Protection is extended to state employees against personal liability if they are sued individually as a result of any action that may arise from an act or omission that occurs “while the employee was acting within the scope of his [or her] public employment or duties.” To seek protection of the statute, the employee must deliver immediately the original or a copy of the summons, complaint, or other process with a request for representation under Section 17 of the Public Officers Law to the Office of the President.

The provisions of this section apply only to civil suits. Suits brought in connection with alleged criminal activities are handled under provisions of federal, state, or local laws, as appropriate. (Office of the University Counsel and Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs, “Memorandum to Presidents,” August 2, 1978, and November 12, 1976)