If revisions of the syllabus become necessary, they must be written and circulated to all students in the course. The syllabus should contain at least the following:

  • the instructor’s contact information and, when required, office hours
  • a list of books and/or materials that students are required to purchase
  • the instructional objectives of the course
  • attendanceplagiarism and student conduct policies
  • the grading policy, including a schedule for quizzes, papers, examinations, and the final examination, along with the relative weights that are assigned to each in determining the final grade
  • an outline of the subject areas to be covered
  • student learning outcomes for the course

For related information, please refer to Accommodating Students with Disabilities in this handbook and Academic Credit and Student Workload in the Academic Policies section of the Purchase College Catalog.

Syllabus Template and Guidelines: .pdf | .docx
Your chair, director, or colleagues will be happy to provide you with sample syllabi.