Grade Lists and Submission of Grades

Faculty members submit grades online in myHeliotrope on the faculty/staff portal. If you have any difficulties accessing your class list, review the user guide or contact the Office of the Registrar.

All grades must be submitted no later than three days after the end of semester or session. The due date for each term’s grades is published in the academic calendar.

After grades have been submitted, they are available to students in myHeliotrope on the current student portal. Grade reports are not mailed to students. To protect students’ privacy and comply with FERPA, grades cannot be posted (either by name or by the student’s Social Security number or by any other method that may reveal a student’s identity) or given out over the telephone.

Grading System

Detailed information on the grading system is available in the college’s academic policies, along with information on the following:

Grade of Incomplete: Procedure for Receiving
Grade Point Averages
Change of Grade
Dean’s List