Makeup Exams

Makeup exams are given at the discretion of individual faculty members, typically only for illness or other serious, justified absences. Please consult with your chair or director if you need a staff member to proctor the exam.

Withdrawal from a Course: The “W” Grade

After add/drop period until the ninth week of classes, students can withdraw from a course and receive a grade of “W” for that semester. (Short-term courses, which start several weeks after the beginning of the semester, have different deadlines; these are noted in the academic calendar.) This grade, which represents withdrawal without prejudice, appears on the transcript and is not calculated in the grade point average. However, it may affect the student’s satisfactory academic progress and eligibility for financial aid, housing, and/or participation in varsity sports. Withdrawal forms cannot be accepted after the deadline published in the academic calendar.

Freshman-Year Withdrawal Policy

For both academic and financial reasons, freshmen are strongly encouraged not to withdraw from 1000- and 2000-level courses during their first two semesters. Students struggling in a course should meet with their advisor as soon as possible to discuss the best course of action. In some circumstances, freshmen will be allowed to withdraw from a 1000- or 2000-level course, but they must first obtain the written permission of an advisor in the Advising Center. .

First-semester freshmen who earn a semester GPA of 1.5 or lower will be automatically dismissed from the college. Students may appeal this dismissal. For complete information, please refer to the full Freshman-Year Withdrawal Policy.