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The Freshman Year and Freshman-Year Withdrawal Policy

Freshmen in the BA and BS programs, and freshmen who have not declared their major, normally complete from three to seven general education courses, depending on their program of study. Freshmen in the BFA and MusB programs normally complete two to three general education courses as well as foundation courses within their discipline.

First-Year Seminar

EDG 1030/First-Year Seminar is required for incoming freshmen and selected transfer students in the BA and BS programs (excluding the liberal studies BA and the BS in communications), and for freshmen who have not yet declared their major. (In their freshman year, biology majors take BIO 1880/Biology Freshman Seminar and all incoming freshmen in the School of Art+Design take VIS 1050/ComX, as part of their major requirements, instead of FRS 1030.) The Conservatory of Dance and Music also have their own first-year seminars, which students are required to take.

Freshman-Year Withdrawal Policy

Freshmen are strongly encouraged not to withdraw from 1000- and 2000-level courses during their first two semesters. The reasons for this policy are both academic and financial:

  1. Freshman courses are a necessary foundation for further academic study and should be completed on schedule.
  2. Students who fall below a minimum number of credits by withdrawing risk losing their financial aid.

Students struggling in a course should meet with their advisor as soon as possible to discuss the best course of action.