Choose Your First-Year Experience

We provide a solid footing at the starting line for all. College Writing and a choice of First-Year Seminar options are required. Choose from either a First-Year Seminar OR a First-Year Learning Community Seminar. Both bring together BA and BS students in the liberal arts and sciences in small group discussions. (Students in the arts earning BFAs and MusBs have first-year programs built into their curriculum.)

First-Year Learning Community Seminar

Taught by faculty, First-Year Learning Community Seminars (FYLC) are small, innovative classes with topics that reflect the instructor’s intellectual interests.

Limited to 20 students each, FYLC Seminars provide students an opportunity to engage with faculty and peers on topics of intellectual and social significance in a small class environment. The FYLC seminar reflects the faculty member’s unique area of study and interests. The FYLC Seminar promotes exploration of higher education, intellectual exchange, critical thinking, and community.