Attendance Tracking

This is only available during the 2nd and 3rd weeks of each semester. Faculty should use this option to report students’ attendance in class during the first three weeks of the semester. Attendance Tracking can be found in the Starfish platform.

Mid-Term Progress

Routine academic issues regarding attendance, participation, grades should be part of meaningful conversations directly with students and also may be reported through the Mid-Term Progress system.  Faculty will be notified when the Mid-term progress system is open and available.

Student Outreach

The Student Alert system has been replaced by the Starfish platform. Faculty and staff should use Starfish to raise a flag(s) that corresponds with the specific area of concern.

The four student outreach flags include the following:

  • Sudden Change in Attendance or Academic Performance
  • Physical Health Concern
  • Psychological / Mental Health Concern
  • Student Behavior Concern
  • Substance Abuse Concern

Raising a flag will prompt outreach from the appropriate office, including Health Services, Counseling Center, Office of Community Standards, or the Wellness Center.​

Access Starfish

Mental Health Resources

The Counseling Center (Humanities Lower Level, 914-251-6390) helps students with mental health difficulties and crises. You may refer students, call, or email to consult with a professional staff member. Please call ahead if you feel a student should be seen for urgent or crisis needs between 9:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. 

For after-hours mental health emergencies, contact University Police at 914-251-6911. Students experiencing interpersonal violence (sexual assault, harassment, stalking, partner or domestic violence) should be connected with Campus Advocacy Services (CAS) via the Counseling Center for immediate follow-up.

Contact University Police for Emergencies: 914-251-6911

Emergencies involve the safety of students, personnel, and campus property. Contact University Police immediately for acts or threats of harm to self, others, or campus environs.