Log in to Starfish


  1. Log in to Starfish through link above using your Purchase user name and password
  2. Look up the student in the search bar in the upper right, and choose the flag icon from the menu bar at the top of the student’s page
  3. Select the appropriate flag in the drop down.  The flag descriptions and workflow are detailed both under each flag and below

 Technical questions?  Contact jennifer.shingelo@purchase.edu 

Please note that Starfish is not for emergencies or mental/behavioral health crises in which a student is believed to be at imminent risk of physical self-harm or harm to others. Contact UPD at 914-251-6911 or the Counseling and Behavioral Health Services (CBHS) at 914-251-6390 for emergent matters.

Confidential Flags 

These flags cannot be seen by students; flag raiser only notified if outreach completed:

Non-confidential Outreach Flag

This flag cannot be seen by students; flag raiser will be notified of outcome of outreach:

Student Notification Flags

These flags notify students that an action is recommended on their part: