Registration dates and deadlines are published in the academic calendar. Space permitting, students may register for (add) a course through the end of the first week of classes, the add/drop period. However, students are charged a late registration fee if they have not registered for any courses by the first day of the semester or session.

Wait Lists and Course Overrides
Detailed user guides for faculty are available in myHeliotrope on the faculty/staff portal. These include guides for using the advisee list, class list, wait list, and course overrides.

Older Adult Auditing Program Registration
SUNY policy allows New York State residents who are at least 60 years of age to register for on-campus credit courses on a space-available basis. This option does not apply to online, hybrid, or noncredit courses. They do not pay SUNY tuition and do not receive grades or earn course credits. They are encouraged to discuss expectations for class participation and work assignments with the instructor.

Course Schedule
The course search, which includes real-time enrollment figures for each course, can be accessed in myHeliotrope on the faculty/staff portal.