Student evaluations of instruction are conducted toward the end of each term. For on-campus courses, evaluation forms are distributed by the individual schools and conservatories. A packet of these forms (with instructions) for each course is placed in faculty mailboxes, and students complete the forms during class. For courses that are delivered entirely online, students complete an online survey, which is sent to their Purchase College email accounts.

For in-class evaluations, faculty members are asked to have one or two students (depending on the size of the class) administer the evaluations. To assure the confidentiality of this evaluation process, faculty members must leave the classroom until the responsible student volunteer has administered, collected, and sealed the completed evaluations in the provided envelope. A student volunteer will return the evaluations to the school/conservatory office. Faculty members should not return the evaluations themselves. Students may not ask for an evaluation form at a later date (e.g., if they miss the class session) or ask to change their evaluation after the forms have been submitted.

These evaluations provide students with an opportunity to comment on the strengths and weaknesses of their courses. The evaluations also help instructors improve their courses and are used as one component in the reappointment process. For related information, please refer to Student Evaluation of Instruction in the “Evaluation, Reappointment, and Promotion” section of this handbook.