Student Visa Information

Accepted international students seeking an F-1 student visa must submit the following supplemental information required to be issued the I-20 Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant (F1 Visa) Student Status (required after offer of admission)

  • Completed International Student Financial Statement with official financial documentation: Accepted students seeking an I-20 form to obtain an F-1 student visa must complete, sign, and submit the International Student Financial Statement along with any required official bank letters verifying the information provided on the form. (NOTE: These documents are also required if the student is presently on a B-2 visitor, J-I exchange-visitor, or F-1 student visa) For the 2018-19 academic year, all applicants seeking an F-1 student visa are required to demonstrate that the following amounts of funds are available to pay for their education for the first year in 2018:

Undergraduate Students: U.S. $32,896.80
Graduate Students: U.S. $38,786.80

Criteria for each bank statement or letter submitted:

  • should be a single page document showing the criteria below. Please DO NOT submit long statements with transaction history
  • indicate the financial institution’s name
  • indicate the account holder’s name
  • clearly show the account balance (this exact amount should be entered in your International Student Financial Statement
  • be dated within the past 6 months (older statements will not be accepted),
  • clearly show the type of currency
  • be from statements that show liquid assets that can be converted to cash
  • NOT be salary statements or tax documents
  • Signed and/or stamped by a bank official (or the bank official has to sign and/or stamp line A. in PART II of the International Student Financial Statement)

The following types of funding are NOT accepted:

  • Documents older than 6 months
  • Income or salary statements
  • Funds that are not immediately accessible
  • Assets that are not in liquidated form (such as a house or car, etc.)
  • Life insurance policy statements
  • Pension funds
  • Tax return forms or document
  • Completed Educational Data form (if not already submitted).

  • Photocopy of passport identification page.

  • Completed International Transfer Form (only for students currently in the U.S.): Students currently attending high school, university or a language institute in the U.S. must submit the International Transfer Form. This form should be sent, along with:
  • Photocopy of any previous I-20 forms
  • Photocopy of visa
  • Photocopy passport ID page
  • I-94 U.S. arrival card, if applicable.