To enhance and expand accessibility on-campus, Purchase College initiated two phases of rehabilitation projects across the campus with the first phase having recently been completed. Work in this first phase focused on improving accessible parking and pathways for expanded access to the campus Plaza. These improvements were completed in both W1 and W2 parking lots, the PAC underpass, behind Natural Science, Central 3 parking lot, the front of Central, at the entrance of UPD, the rear entrance of Phys Ed, and behind the Museum. Improvements for these areas included renovated parking spaces, new pathways, and increased availability of accessible parking. The second phase of work will expand upon these improvements throughout the campus. In addition to parking improvements, we will be making upgrades to a second bus stop, expanding upon the pathways between the new ADA spaces behind the Natural Science building, and performing restoration at a number of stairs and ramps.

Outside of these phased projects, an eye towards the improvement of physical campus accessibility infrastructure is part of every project we complete on campus, and is one of the main principals of design on which we focus and look to improve. Each time we rehabilitate a space or a building, there are accessibility improvement components that are included. Examples of such projects include our academic restroom rehabilitation project, which will begin with the Plaza level restrooms in the Natural Science and Social Science buildings this summer, and our Visual Arts Perception Lab rehabilitation project which includes an accessible ramp, as well as an Assistive Listening system and ADA-accessible podium.

Updates to all of our campus projects can be found on our Capital Facilities Planning page.