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Phase 2 - Improved Access from our Parking Lots to the Main Plaza & Academic Buildings

Modifications and repairs to our existing parking lots, pathways, and sidewalks around the campus, expanding access to our Main Plaza and Academic Buildings.

Project Update as of November 14, 2022

The State Construction Fund has awarded the design to MJ Engineering, to develop the next round of projects based on the recently completed campus site improvements project for increased accessibility.  They are developing design documents which once approved, will allow us to go out for construction bidding.

Project Overview

Building upon the recently completed first phase of improvements (see Improved Access from our Parking Lots to the Main Plaza & Academic Buildings), this next phase of work will focus on additional areas around the campus, concentrating on a number of parking lots not covered in the first phase. We’ll also be making upgrades to the another bus stop, expanding on the pathways between the new ADA spaces behind the Natural Science building, and restoration to a number of stairs and ramps.

Proposed work in the Central 4 and 5 parking lots will include new surface repaving, additional ADA spaces, new connection paths to the Main Plaza, the Olde Housing Complex, and the bus stop between CCN and Social Science building.  A new ramp and stairs will allow access from the parking lots and bus stop into the lower level of Campus Center North.  The above mentioned bus stop will be redone with new pathways into Social and Natural Science, and new Lincoln Avenue crossing.  We’ll also be providing a new accessible route into the lower level of the Dance building from the new Natural Science parking spaces created in Phase 1.

The pathways and parking spaces at Central 1 will be redone, as will Central 2 with connections to the Administration Building.  The east parking lots will also have upgrades made with new ADA parking spaces at the fields, basketball and tennis courts, at Farside we’ll rework ADA parking and pathway connections, and at East 4, the existing stairs and ramp will be complete renovated with connections to both J & H Streets, and Pine Walk North.

Additionally, parking at both Alumni Village and the Commons will be upgraded, as well as a reworking of the pathways at the Commons Quad. The existing stairs on the west side of the Social Science Building will also be redesigned and upgraded.

Timeline:  Design

Lead Agency:  SUCF

Design:  MJ Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C.

Contractor:  TBD

Budget:  $