• Image of the Commons apartment complex

    Commons Apartments Complex S-Street Sprinkler Upgrades

    Following the success of upgrades to K & P-Streets, this project will be installing sprinklers in the S-Street apartments.
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    Campus Security Upgrades

    Recommendations for overall campus security systems upgrades and improvements, including access control devices, cameras, classroom security, and enhancements to internal controls and communications systems.
  • Image of existing PAC exterior stair in disrepair.

    Repairs to PAC Exterior Stairs

    Repairs and upgrades to the existing four exterior stairs that lead from the West 1 & 2 parking lots to the Main Plaza, including new steps, handrails, lighting and masonry restoration.
  • Photo of Museum Roof

    Roof Rehabilitation of Museum and Music Building

    Replacement of existing roofs at the Neuberger Museum of Art and Music Building, to address leaks and envelope deterioration.