Construction in a Covid-19 World

With the start of the Fall semester, we want to assure the campus community that we will continue to take all necessary precautions on our construction projects to keep everyone safe in this new Covid environment. Both the State University Construction Fund and the Dormitory Authority of New York, as well as our campus, have implemented mandatory contractor and vendor requirements based on the latest information and requirements from governing authorities, for construction work on our campus.

All contractors and vendors must review and sign the campus Covid-19 Contractor Expectations form prior to working on our campus.

Similar to what our faculty and staff do, the contractors/vendors must take a number of protective actions, including;

  • Preform health evaluations prior to coming to campus.
  • Practice social distancing.
  • Wear a face covering (when social distancing is not possible or at all times when within mandatory face covering zones).
  • Practice and document routine cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces on the jobsite.
  • Utilize personal protective equipment.
  • Limit activities to the related project sites only.
  • Require anyone who begins to exhibit symptoms of Covid-19, while in the workplace, to notify their supervisor and follow State protocols.
  • Notify the campus if anyone tests positive from the construction/vendor team working on campus.

We review these requirements during our construction meetings and ask that the contractor review this with their workers daily.

The safety of our campus community is our top priority.

We encourage everyone to also visit our Current Projects and Construction Advisory pages for the latest updates and information on construction projects around the campus.

For more information on staying well and safe, please visit our Office of Environmental Health & Safety.

Accessible Temporary Paths:

Some of our construction projects may require us to temporarily shutdown pedestrian pathways in and around our buildings or elsewhere on the campus for safety reasons.  If that is required, we create and alternate accessible route or temporary traffic control zone.

When Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) zones are required to be established to replace existing pedestrian paths of travel during construction or other events, all persons will be provided with safe, accessible, and reasonably convenient alternative pedestrian pathways to replace the pre-existing pathways. Applicable signage will be posted to designate the new, temporary routes.