• Image of the Commons apartment complex

    Commons Apartments Complex M-Street Sprinkler Upgrades

    Following the success of adding sprinklers to both K & P-Streets, this is the last phase of adding sprinklers to the remaining buildings.
  • View of existing large sound stage space in Music Building

    Large Sound Stage Renovation

    Infusion of new life to the existing large sound stage in the Music building, in a joint partnership with one of our own alumni. Rehabilitation and modifications including; new flooring, lighting, acoustical treatment, lighting grid system, and accessibility upgrades.
  • Image of the Commons apartment complex

    Commons Apartment Complex P-Street Sprinkler Upgrades

    Building upon the successful installation of sprinklers in the K-Street building, this project installed sprinklers in the P-Street building during the summer of 2019.
  • Image of flowing water

    Campus Water Study

    A study of the existing campus water supply and distribution systems and assessment of water quality to identify potential infrastructure improvement projects.