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Pump House & Backflow Preventor

Providing a new pump house near the front of the campus to help increase overall campus water pressure and prevent any backflow into the town’s water system.

Project Update as of April 8, 2024

The contractor has finished their work on both the exterior and interior of the new building, as well as the site utilities.   We are now just waiting for the final punch list items to be completed.

Project Overview

Our local water service provider, Westchester Joint Water Works requested that the campus install a backflow water prevention device on the 16” water service line supplying the campus.  This line provides water for our domestic water needs as well as water to our fire protection equipment.  The backflow preventor device provides protection from any water going backwards in the system and potentially causing problems with the town’s water systems.

An initial study by our design consultant, MJ Engineering determined that installing the requested device would have an impact on the water pressure on campus.  To solve that problem, we are designing a new pump house to address the water pressure drop that installing the new backflow preventor creates.

Timeline:  Project Closeout

Lead Agency:  The State Construction Fund of New York

Design:  MJ Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C.

Contractor:  All State Construction & Boiler, Inc.

Budget:  $2.6 mil