Construction at Top of Entry Pavilion Stairs - Plaza Level

We have temporarily closed the Entry Pavilion stairs leading up from the West 1 parking lot to the Main Plaza to address some waterproofing issues below the plaza pavers in this area.  The stairs will be closed for about two weeks for the contractor to preform their work.

For access to the Main Plaza from West 1 you can still use the PAC exterior elevator to gain access to the plaza level, or enter the CMFT building at the parking level and use the CMFT elevator to get to the plaza level.

Construction at Main Entrance into Natural Science Building

As we replace the existing exterior doors on the Natural Science building, the contractor will need to install some temporary protection and walls to create a new temporary entrance into the Natural Science building from the Main Plaza.  This work will begin on Tuesday April 13.  This will allow us to maintain access into the building while we remove and replace the existing doors and glass curtain wall.  The majority of this work will begin after the end of the semester.  The building and access from the Main Plaza will remain open as this temporary work occurs.

To review specifics for this project, please visit our Current Projects: PAC Underpass & Natural Science Door & Storefront Rehab page.

Exterior Stairs at PAC to Main Plaza are Closed

Due to the ongoing construction on the exterior stairs from the West 1 and West 2 to the Main Plaza, these stairs will be closed until the project is completed. In the interim, please utilize the exterior staircase located across from the West 1 parking lot through the CMFT entry pavilion, or the PAC exterior elevator which can be reached via the PAC underpass or through the CMFT entry pavilion.   Alternatively, the plaza can also be reached via the elevators in the interior of the Music (adjacent to the West 2 parking lot) or CMFT buildings.

To review specifics for this project, please visit our Projects in Design: Repairs to PAC Exterior Stairs page.