Exterior Stairs near West 2 Closed

Due to the ongoing construction of the exterior stairs located near West 2 (one next to the Music building and one next to the north side of the Performing Arts Center), these stairs will be closed until the project is complete this spring. In the interim, please utilize the exterior staircase located on the side of the CMFT building which can be reached via the PAC underpass. Alternatively, the plaza can be reached via the interior of the Music or CMFT buildings.

To review specifics for this project, please visit our Projects in Design: Repairs to PAC Exterior Stairs page.

West 1 Partially Reopened

As construction continues in West 1, 235 parking spaces in this lot are now available for everyone’s use to help alleviate parking congestion. The contractor has also striped 12 new ADA-compliant parking spaces.

Additionally, a damaged stormwater line running beneath the middle of West 1 has been discovered and will need to be repaired. These repairs will delay the complete reopening of West 1 until spring 2020.

To review specifics for this project, please visit our Current Projects page.