The page is typically updated every two weeks and will follow the current college semester. Projects are listed alphabetically and give a short synopsis of what construction work is scheduled and what the campus can expect as far as disruptions and/or inconveniences. There are also links under each project to the projects site page for those looking for additional information.

Week of December 10 through Week of December 17


The Contractor continues their work on finishing the exterior of the building, with the new colored concrete panels installed, along with glass entry doors to the plaza and entry pavilion,  new pavers on the plaza, and wrapping the exterior of the building in the final new metal scrim. Work on the plaza is also progressing with new curbs and waterproofing being installed.

The interior is also moving forward with finish work nearing completion and a number of the specialized spaces receiving new acoustical treatments, audio-visual equipment, and furniture.


This past summer, we completed (7) additional suite bathroom renovations and added two new ADA accessible bathrooms, along with heating upgrades in Big Haus to the A/B -Wing section of the building. Next summer we’ll finish all the interior finish work in this wing, including new lighting, floor finishes, and furniture upgrades. We have also started design on the Crossroads C-Wing section, with construction scheduled for next summer. Additionally, we are finishing the designs to install new card readers on the exterior entrances into Big Haus, Crossroads, and Farside. That construction is also scheduled to begin next summer.

The Quad also received new accessible pathways this past summer between Outback and Fort Awesome to the Main Dining Hall and Main Plaza level. We are finalizing the remaining designs for the Quad which will include new landscaping, a entertainment area with seating and a pergola, rain gardens, and open area for recreation. Construction will take place next summer.

Outback had another (22) bathrooms renovated along with new floor finishes in its corridors this past summer. Over winter break, we will be converting two existing bedrooms into a new ADA suite on the 1st floor. We will also be finishing the remaining bathroom renovation work on the 1st and 2nd floors next summer.

Our newest residence hall, “Wayback”, is making great progress. The structural walls and framing are complete, with new exterior insulation currently being installed on the west side of the building. Work will continue over winter break and next  semester as the contractor works on finishing enclosing the exterior of the building and beginning the interior.

Olde Apartment Complex

This past Fall, we installed new bike racks, picnic tables, benches. and two large umbrellas near the service buildings. Over Winter Break, we’ll install a few more bike racks, and also begin replacing old electrical panels in the apartments, beginning with G-Street. Our design team will also be out surveying the existing pathways connecting the complex for a renovation project scheduled for next summer.

Commons Apartment Complex

The engineers working on installing new sprinklers in both P and S streets next summer will be out surveying over Winter Break so that they finalize their drawings.

Classroom and Technology Upgrades

This summer we started the first phase of renovations and upgrades to a number of classrooms, including classroom #1006 in Social Science. We are in the design phase for modifications to the Perception Lab in Visual Arts and the Lecture Hall in Natural Science.

Music Humidification Project

The contractor did a large amount of work over the summer, finishing their contract work. Some additional work is needed which they’ll perform this semester, that will be closely coordinated as to not impact our academic programs.

PAC Exterior Elevator Rehab

We are in the process of awarding the construction contract, with anticipated construction beginning this Spring. Expect to see the contractor begin to mobilize and install new protected fencing around the existing elevator at the Main Plaza level in the next few weeks.

Rehabilitate Utilidors: HTHW Phase 2

Work continues on our High Temperature Hot Water systems, with work occurring in the Heating Plant, Mechanical Services, Tunnels, and Central 4 parking lot.

Over Winter Break, the contractor will be scaling back their staging area in the Central 4 parking lot, installing new piping over the Lincoln Avenue underpass, and some additional pipe installation in the Tunnels.