The page is typically updated every two weeks and will follow the current college semester. Projects are listed alphabetically and give a short synopsis of what construction work is scheduled and what the campus can expect as far as disruptions and/or inconveniences. There are also links under each project to the projects site page for those looking for additional information.

Week of June 29 through Week of July 6

We hope everyone is safe, well, and Covid-free.  Here’s what we’re working on this summer!


The Contractor has finished the majority of their work on the building, and is focusing on completing the work on their punch lists.  We are also finishing upgrades to the building security systems.


This summer, we are completing heating and finish upgrades in C-Wing, including renovations to a number of corridor bathrooms.  We are also replacing the complex’s emergency generator to accommodate new card readers on the exterior entrances into Big Haus, Crossroads, and Farside.  The card readers have been delayed to next summer due to the current pandemic.

Outback having finished another (22) bathrooms last past summer, this summer we are renovating the remaining four ADA suites in the building.

Commons Apartment Complex

In both the S-Street and the M-Street buildings, we are installing new sprinklers this summer, including a new exterior building to house the pump.  Work is scheduled to be completed at the beginning of August.  

Classroom and Technology Upgrades

We had to delay the start of renovation work on the Perception Lab in Visual Arts due to the current pandemic.  Additionally, we are in the process of awarding the design for renovating Studio A in the Music Building.

Rehabilitate Utilidors: HTHW Phase 2

The contractor has completed their work in the Central 4 and 5 parking lot areas and their work  along the side of J-Street and in the northeast corner of the Great Lawn.  They have  re-grade and re-seed the impacted areas.  Due to a break in an old section of piping that feeds The Commons, some additional repairs are needed at the north end of Lincoln Avenue.  We are also working in the Physical Education building replacing old boilers to new energy efficient units.  Please refer to our Construction Advisories page.

Mechanical Upgrades to the Dance Building

The first of two phases of mechanical room upgrades to the Dance Building started last summer.  The contractor cleaned the existing ductwork and began the preparations needed to replace the large air handlers in the building’s mechanical room.  We also replaced the old and tired ceilings on the lower level and renovated the main office suite.  This summer we are finishing the work of installing new air handlers as well as a number of other upgrades.

New Pedestrian Pathway from Main Plaza to Gym

We completed a new accessible pedestrian pathway along Pine Walk South and the Crossroads residence hall which runs from the Main Plaza down to the Physical Education building.  Part of the pathway was damaged related to the new emergency generator work at the dorms and will be fixed shortly.  The pathway is scheduled to be open for the Fall semester.

Upgrades to West 1 and Campus Accessibility

Work continues on the renovations to the West 1 and West 2 parking lots.  In West 1 they are working to finish the western section of the parking lot and are also installing new concrete curbs at the entrance to West 1.  The contractor also has started pouring the new asphalt surface in West 2 adjoining the new pedestrian island and has begun installing new landscaping.  Renovation work in front of the Physical Education building is complete and they have formwork in place for the new ramp and stairs near The Commons.  Work has also started around the Central 3 parking lot. Their current schedule shows us re-opening  both West 1 and West 2 around the end of July.  Please also refer to our Construction Advisories page.