The page is typically updated every two weeks and will follow the current college semester. Projects are listed alphabetically and given a short synopsis of what construction work is scheduled and what the campus can expect as far as disruptions and/or inconveniences. There are also links to each of the projects site pages for those looking for additional information.

Week of September 04 through Week of September 11

We’d like to welcome our new and returning students.  We hope everyone is safe, well, and enjoying their summer. Here’s what we have been working on and will be working on over the autumn months.

Academic Restroom Upgrades

We began construction on our Phase 2 renovations in the Dance & the Library buildings this summer.  We are currently pausing work until Winter Break to limit disruptions.  Phase 3 is currently being awarded.

Classroom and Technology Upgrades

We are nearly finished with our renovations to Studio A in the Music Building.  Additionally, we finished some outstanding items on the new Music Production Suite and renovated another space on the 3rd floor of the Music Building.

PAC Accessibility Upgrades

The contractor continued their work on creating a new accessible dressing room and an all-gender restroom in the PAC.  Additionally, we just installed new hand-railings in the main lobby of the PAC.

PAC Exterior Stair Repairs

The project consists of the renovating the four exterior stairs between the Main Plaza and the Performing Arts Center.  Construction is wrapping up around the stairs, including new handrails and new lighting.

Pump House & Backflow Preventor

The project which is located at the south end of Lincoln Avenue, is in the final stages of construction.  The pump house structure is complete, and we are awaiting final commissioning on the new equipment.  There should be little disruption to the campus during construction.

Rehab of Dance Building Roof

Work started in late May and continued over the summer.  We’ve received the new insulation and roofing materials.  Work will continue into the Fall.

Visual Arts Building Mechanical Upgrades

Construction work was completed over the summer and the building is open for use.  A few areas on the lower level will remain off-line as we plan on some changes.  The temporary Darkroom will remain over in the old Bookstore space.  Phase 2 work is scheduled to begin next summer.