The page is typically updated every two weeks and will follow the current college semester. Projects are listed alphabetically and give a short synopsis of what construction work is scheduled and what the campus can expect as far as disruptions and/or inconveniences. There are also links under each project to the projects site page for those looking for additional information.

Week of February 27 through Week of March 6


The Contractor continues permanent enclose of the exterior of the building, and has begun installing our new windows.
Installation of the building’s new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems is ongoing. Framing of the new interior walls is progressing and the spaces are really beginning to form and come together.

CFP will continue to work with the various building managers to minimize the impact and help coordinate any loud and disruptive work with scheduled events. The new entry pavilion is almost fully excavated.


The contractor finished their punch list work in Big Haus A-Wing over Winter Break.
The architect has just finished their design documents for the next phase which will be the A/B-WIng section. Upgrades will include new bathrooms, lighting, and finishes in this section of the building. Additionally, this will give the rooms better heating during the winter months as well as better control and monitoring, helping us reduce our energy usage, and provide better comfort to the occupants.

This summer work will begin on the bathrooms in the A/B-Wing section. The work will continue over the following summers into B-Wing, followed by Crossroads.

Dorms Design: Olde Exterior

We are beginning the design work to address the aging exterior of the Olde complex. This renovation project will focus on ongoing leaks and causes of envelope deterioration of the complex. Expect to see some work over the Summer which will continue into the Fall. 

Another project is also beginning that will address repairs and upgrades to the main mechanical systems and equipment that feed the complex.

Emergency Generator Rehab

The contractor has started their work and have installed a temporary emergency generator on the west side of Campus Center North. The have also run temporary power lines from this generator to where the new generators will be installed.

Exterior Rehab Various Bldgs: Phase 2

The contractor has started the installation of the new windows on the Natural Science building.
Expect to see scaffolding and protection over the building’s entrances being installed.

Music Humidification Project

The contractor did a large amount of work over Winter Break, including installing the new humidification panels and new ceilings in the 1st floor corridor and main lobby. The remainder of the work will be done over the summer.

Physical Ed Rehab

The contractor has shifted to the west side of the building and has begun excavation work for our new accessible entrance and landscaping. New steel has also been installed inside for the new bridge that will allow for access from the renovated west side entrance to the elevator.