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Visual Arts Mechanical Upgrades

Project will address the Visual Arts Building’s aging mechanical air and ventilation systems.

Project Update as of May 9, 2022

Our design firm, Lizardos Engineering Associates has finished working on the designs to upgrade the building’s mechanical systems to gain better efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint.  We’ve also awarded the Phase 1 construction contract to Mengler Mechanical, Inc..  Our anticipated construction start is Winter 2022.

Project Overview

The Visual Arts Building houses a number of arts programs for our students including; painting and drawing, graphic design, sculpture, printmaking, photography, art history, and arts management.  With the various types of materials and mediums that are used, proper ventilation and exhausting of hazardous fumes is critical to the programs.  The building’s mechanical rooms are original and have not had any major upgrades to them since being built.  Much of the existing equipment and components are well past their useful life expectancy, and are in a state of either disrepair or close to failing.  These systems support the programs and are critical to keeping the building operating.  This project will begin addressing the most critical areas in this first phase of work.

This first phase will take a comprehensive look and all of the existing mechanical rooms and develop a design and implementation strategy to address the most critical of rooms and/or components first.  It will also develop a long term plan on how to address the other rooms and/or components that are not resolved in the first phase.  Additionally, this project will look at helping up upgrade the equipment and components to current codes and energy saving opportunities, as well as helping to reduce overall maintenance costs to the college.

Timeline / Construction

Lead Agency / State University Construction Fund

Design / Lizardos Engineering Associates, P.C.

Contractor / Mengler Mechancial, Inc.

Budget / $