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Combined Heat and Power Energy Storage Project (CHP/ES)

The Combined Heat and Power Energy Storage Project (CHP/ES) is an example of the long-term energy vision for the college coupling together energy efficiency, reusable energy and energy storage which will lead to energy savings, resiliency and learning opportunities to the campus community and beyond.

Project Overview

Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG), this project integrated Goals 7, 13, and 17, affordable and clean energy, climate action, and partnerships for the goals respectively. The New York Power Authority (NYPA) together with thermal energy storage technology provider, Brenmiller Energy Ltd. (Brenmiller), partnered with the college to install this system which not only produces electricity but recaptures the wasted energy that normally is released into the environment and uses it to create heat. This heat which will be stored will be used when the Physical Education building needs the heat for the building, domestic hot water and the pool.

Project Goals

The College, NYPA , and Brenmiller had similar goals related to this project. Through an international grant and NYPA funding, this project serves as a demonstration project to further innovative, cost effective energy projects which will advance the state’s energy goals including the Community Leadership & Community Protection Act (CLCPA) and Executive Order 166. The project provides operational economic and environmental savings. It is also be integrated into the classroom not only for the campus community, but also external stakeholders interested in this project.

Ideal Location

The Physical Education building was ideal for this project as this location in the past has been used as a center for refuge during major storms. The project provides additional reliability and is just one example of the College’s focus on the community. The project provides almost fifty percent of the electricity and almost one hundred percent of the heat for the building.

Lead Agency: Campus-Let / New York Power Authority

Technology Provider:  Brenmiller Energy Ltd. 

Design-Build Contractor: Dynamics US, Inc.

Budget: $