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Stormwater Management Infrastructure Upgrades & Habitat Restoration Project

Improving our ability to better manage runoff of rainwater and melting snow from our streets, lawns, and fields, while improving overall water quality around the campus and also restoring the surround habitat

Project Updates as of December 12, 2022

R. Pugni & Sons, Inc., our contractor, has been working on enlarging and renovation the old detention pond, as well as restorative work on the bio-retention pond at the edge of the West 1 parking lot.  The have completed most of the bioswale upgrades, with some follow-up work to be done this Spring.  They continue to work on the larger detention pond project, however that work is weather-dependent and will also continue into the Spring.

Project Overview

Building upon the recently completed Bioswale project at the west end of the West 1 parking lot, this project will address updates to an existing storm water detention area located across the West Loop Road.

The project will help us retain stormwater released into our nearby streams.  Additionally, the project will look at restoring the surround habitat, which currently has many invasive trees and plant species in the area.  The restoration work will include planting native species.

Timeline:  Construction

Agency:  State University Construction Fund

Design:  MJ Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C.

Contractor:  R. Pugni & Sons, Inc.

Budget:  $1.5M

Project Photos