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Electrical Feeder Upgrade Study

Addressing the campus’ aging electrical systems.

Project Updates as of November 14, 2022

The design team has reviewed and surveyed the existing electrical systems on campus, and has released a report of their findings and recommendations.  The Construction Fund is working closely with the campus to develop these recommendations into active future projects.

Project Overview

The campus has a number of main electrical feeders that supply power to the college.  The existing primary Con Edison feeders are the original campus electrical feeders, installed back in the 1970’s. They are approaching the end of their useful life. One feeder is directly buried, and not encased in a concrete duct bank. Past repairs have been needed due to collapsed duct banks. The network of underground manholes for the primary and distribution feeders experience frequent flooding and consequently feeders are submerged in water. Additionally, distribution feeders #2 and #3 have had sections replaced in the past due to failure. This has resulted in power disruptions and in some cases can pose safety hazards to the Facilities staff who need to work on or maintain these systems. In the majority of the buildings this equipment is also original and past its useful life. All feeders, duct banks, manholes, conduits, building transformers and switchgear should be evaluated for structural integrity, safety, code compliance and either upgrade and/or replaced.

A study is needed to review the existing conditions of the system. The underground network of feeders, duct banks, and manholes need to be evaluated for replacement due to age, structural integrity, and code compliance. The study should document what is currently in the field, outline what is not code compliant, and make recommendations on how to correct discovered issues and/or what needs to be either upgraded or replaced. The study should also provide corrective measures budgets and establish a prioritization list for the needed upgrades or replacements.

Timeline:  Design

Agency:  State University Construction Fund

Design:  RMF Engineering

Budget:  $

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