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Rehab. of Natural Science Building

An interior reimaging of the Natural Science building with new upgrades to labs, classrooms, lecture halls, and support spaces.

Project Updates as of October 30, 2023

Our design team, Goody Clancy Architecture, LLC. have met with college representatives and the different departments in Natural Science and have finalized developing our programmatic needs for the project.  From that they have created Concept Phase floor plans of how the inside of the building could be reconfigured.  The design team presented us with three different plan options, which the college has approved.  We are now in the Schematic Design phase, which should be concluded this Fall.

Project Overview

Originally design in 1976 by architect Paul Rudolph, the Natural Science building houses a number of programs including chemistry, biology, environmental studies, anthropology, sociology, mathematics, premedical studies, political science, and psychology.

Our Natural Science building hasn’t had any major interior renovation work done since it was original built. Many of the labs and equipment are in need of upgrades. Many of the buildings spaces are not fully accessible, and the majority of the buildings internal mechanical systems are also original and well past their useful life expectancy. A number of the lab configurations are dated, limiting collaborative interaction between our students and not supporting today’s learning environments. This project will explore the design possibilities to address many of the deficiencies facing this building, allow us the opportunity to better serve our students and enhance their learning experience here on campus.

This project will begin the design process through the Schematic Design phase and allow us to look at the best way to address the many issues facing this building, from both a programming perspective, and help in developing cost effective renovation projects.

Timeline:  Design

Agency:  State University Construction Fund

Design:  Goody Clancy Architecture, LLC

Contractor:  TBD

Budget:  $

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