Diversity Defined 

Diversity at Purchase College is the commitment to a community of equity and access to its academic and artistic promise through the acceptance of all aspects of human difference. This includes but is not limited to age, disability, race, ethnicity, gender, gender expression and identity, language heritage, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, status as a veteran and worldview. Through collaboration, creativity and inclusion, Purchase College integrates various cultural and social perspectives to engender excellence in the arts and liberal arts and sciences.

The Purchase College Diversity Plan

In April 2015, the Purchase College Senate voted to adopt The Purchase College Diversity Plan: Strengthening Inclusive Excellence. The plan endorses diversity strategies and implementation specific to the needs and values of the institution and establishes what Purchase already does effectively and then how to build the resources to support, expand, and refine those efforts in sustainable and strategic ways.

For data on diversity at Purchase College, please refer to             

Section IV – Diversity on the Purchase College 2018 Fact Book.

SECTION IV – DIVERSITY (Table of Contents)

  1. Admissions- Trends in Undergraduate Freshmen- Ethnicity by Application Status and Year                                                                               p. 25
  2. Admissions- Trends in Undergraduate Freshmen- Ethnicity by Year and Application Status                                                                                         p. 26
  3. Trends in Ethnicity                                                                                                  p. 27
  4. Graduation Rates by Ethnicity                                                                         p. 28
  5. Student Financial Aid Trends Headcounts                                               p. 29
  6. Student Financial Aid Trends – Retention by Division                      p. 30
  7. Student Financial Aid Trends – Retention by Ethnicity                    p. 31
  8. Graduation Rates by Financial Aid Cohort                                                p. 32
  9. Degrees Granted by School and Ethnicity                                                p. 33

The Diversity plan institutes the definition above as the official definition of diversity for the College as well as implements the following strategies and implementation steps:

Institutional Strategies:

  1. Increase the diversity of the student population by refining established retention programs and services and streamlining their delivery to targeted populations.
  2. Foster an environment conducive to faculty and staff diversity by developing funds to support diverse faculty and staff recruitment, mentoring, research and scholarship.
  3. Identify accessibility issues for veterans, individuals with disabilities and all members of the campus community to the curriculum, resources and educational opportunities and collaborate with support offices for solutions.
  4. Develop administrative processes and financial resources to create new diversity efforts in outreach, programming, recruitment and retention and strengthen existing ones. 

Implementation Steps:

  1. Communicate the role and responsibilities of the Chief Diversity Officer in each institutional strategy.
  2. Identify and strengthen existing retention and engagement programs and resources for First-Generation Students and Underrepresented Minority Groups.
  3. Develop diversity performance indicators, dashboard and assessment tools.

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