Maintaining such an environment requires guidance and leadership; advocacy and understanding; and adherence to the spirit, not just to the letter, of established laws.

The Office of Diversity and Compliance is the overarching entity that oversees four integral areas to ensure equity, inclusivity, and compliance for all members of the Purchase College community. The four reporting areas of the office are: Title IX, Diversity, Affirmative Action, and Accessibility.

Our office specializes in creating and implementing policies, procedures, and practices that align with the college’s values and ideals to ensure fairness and compliance. We provide support and resources for all to thrive academically, professionally, socially, and personally. We educate and train everyone to fully understand the compliance requirements and our overall expectations regarding diversity, Title IX, affirmative action, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

We embrace four words that begin with the letter A to express our commitment to each of the areas we own—Assurance, Acceptance, Access, and Adherence. These are words we live by at Purchase to ensure equitable access, services, and resources to eliminate barriers to success; build community consensus and synergy; and promote an emotionally intelligent and engaging environment that considers and appreciates the unique composition, cultures, needs, talents, and abilities of the Purchase community.