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Academic Restroom Rehabilitation Project

Full renovation of over sixty restrooms on campus to ADA compliance and sustainability standards.

Project Update as of September 22, 2020

We are currently in the process of finalizing the first phase construction bidding documents.  The first phase will include renovating restrooms on the 1st floors of Visual Arts, Natural Science, and Social Science buildings.  The work also includes new gender neutral restrooms.

The project will be divided into multiple phases over the next few summers.  The intent is begin upgrades next summer.

Project Overview

The existing restrooms in many of our academic buildings are original to the buildings and have exceeded their useful life. There have been some periodic upgrades over the years, but many are still in poor condition and need of rehabilitation. This project will rehabilitate these restrooms to be ADA compliant and address sustainability issues by bringing them up to today’s standards.

Project Scope

The project will include full renovations to over (60) restrooms on campus in the Visual Arts, Music, Natural Science and Social Science buildings, both Campus Center North and South, and the Library. Renovations will include removal and replacement of existing toilet and urinal fixtures, lavatories, toilet partitions, ceilings and light fixtures, and wall and floor finishes.

As the buildings will be occupied while the work occurs, the project will be phased so that occupants still have access to working restrooms.

Timeline  Design

Lead Agency / Campus-Let

Design / Jacobs (previous design) / Ronnette Riley Architect (new design)

Contractor / TBD

Budget / $