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Classroom and Technology Upgrades Project

This multi-phased project will identify a number of classroom and learning spaces throughout the campus to be rehabilitated.

Project update as of February 10, 2020

We completed upgrades to classroom #1006 in our Social Science building.  Upgrades in this space included new ceilings and lighting, audio-visual upgrades, and interior finishes.

Our design consultants are currently finishing the construction bidding documents for proposed modifications to our Visual Arts Perception Lab, including new acoustical elements, accessible ramp, display & presentation surfaces, and interior finish and lighting upgrades.  These changes will begin over this summer as to limit disruption to the programs using this space.

We are also beginning the design to rehabilitate the Natural Science Lecture Hall.


Project Overview

In a effort to upgrade a number of our aging classroom spaces and provide our students with learning spaces that support and enhance their programs and educational experiences here at the college, a number of existing classrooms have been identified to receive upgrades and renovations.

The work will occur over the next few summers to limit disruption to our programs and will include cosmetic upgrades, new audio-visual equipment, lighting, security, and acoustical refinements. 


Timeline:  Construction (Phase 1) / Design (Phase 2)

Lead Agency:  Campus-Let



Budget:  $1.5 million